How to mark spots on the map in VALORANT

Help your teammates by marking the map.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT is an intense tactical first-person shooter that requires players to work together as they attempt to plant a spike or defend sites from enemies. Communication is a crucial part of the game, especially in the heat of battle when a callout can make the difference in a round.

An easy way to communicate with teammates is by marking a spot on the map, which shows the exact spot you are referencing. 

The first step of marking a spot on the map in VALORANT is opening the game map. The map button is bound to Caps Lock by default, and you can change it to another key in the game menu as needed. 

Once the map is open, you can move your cursor around the map and left-click the spot you want to mark. This creates a marker that all of your teammates can see from anywhere on the map. 

You can also create specific marks that provide more information by holding down the left click and moving the cursor in any direction. Moving the cursor up creates a “caution” marker, and moving it down creates a “help” marker. Moving to the right creates an “on my way” mark, and to the left makes a “need healing” marker. 

Players can mark the map as many times as needed, but there’s a slight delay after a few locations are marked to avoid players from abusing the system. Remember to mark the map only as needed because several marks can be distracting and slightly annoying for teammates.