How to get the VALORANT Lunar New Years event items

Expect a small ground.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players have a couple of exciting ways to celebrate the Lunar New Year with the Lunar New Years Celebration event pass and the new Tigris skin bundle. The bundle will set you back a few bucks, but you can unlock three free items through the event pass. 

The new pass includes a gun buddy, tiger spray, and a player card featuring Sage, Jett, and Neon sitting around a table. These three items are free, although you’ll have to unlock them through the event pass. 

Riot Games hasn’t revealed how to officially unlock the items yet, but they’ll likely be similar to previous event passes. The event pass will most likely include a few tiers players will need to complete by earning XP from games. The XP requirements from previous passes were low enough for casual players to enjoy the free items without a substantial grind. Just make sure you log in and play while the pass is live to unlock the three exciting items. 

Players who want more Lunar New Year items can grab the new Tigris bundle, including new skins for the Phantom, Shorty, Spectre, and Operator. It also includes a new melee skin that will strike fear into your enemies. These skins come in a red and black color scheme with gold accents that are perfect for almost any loadout. 

The Lunar New Year is on Feb. 1, so players can expect the new event pass within the next couple of days.