How to get the Pity Party spray in VALORANT

When did you learn how to play the violin?

Image via Twitch

There are certain items in VALORANT that you won’t be able to purchase with VALORANT Points. From time-to-time Riot Games will partner with other entities. These partnerships are often celebrated by giving away free skins and cosmetic items to players, which will require you to complete a few steps to claim them.

The Pity Party spray has been introduced as a reward for Prime Gaming members. The spray features a tiny violin being played by a pair of robotic hands. You’ll need your Riot account, an Amazon Prime subscription, and a Twitch account to claim the spray.

If you don’t have an Amazon Prime account, you can start a free trial, which will be enough to claim the Pity Party spray for your account. When you have your Amazon Prime account ready, you’ll need to:

  • Navigate to Twitch and log in to your account
  • Choose your profile in the top right corner and head over to Settings
  • Click on Connections and scroll down until you see Riot Games
  • Select Authorize
    • If you’ve never logged into your Riot account on your browser, you’ll be forwarded to a pop-up where you’ll need to log in to your Riot account. In cases where you’ve logged into your account before, you’ll automatically complete the authorization process.
  • Your Riot and Prime Gaming accounts will be connected after the authorization process and you’ll be able to claim the Pity Party spray

To complete the process, head over to Prime Gaming’s official website. Choose VALORANT and the option to claim the Pity Party spray will be there. After clicking on Claim Now, the spray will automatically be added to your VALORANT account.

The next time you log into VALORANT, you’ll be able to find the Pity Party spray in your collection. For some context, the spray originates from the long-running meme of “playing the world’s smallest violin,” which is often used to ironically show attention to anyone complaining for petty reasons. If a player on your team decides to throw a tantrum due to a reason that can be considered nonsense, you can easily show how much you care by using the Pity Party spray.

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