How to get a circle crosshair in VALORANT

Impress your friends with a unique crosshair.

Image via Riot Games

Crosshairs in VALORANT can be customized and fine-tuned as players experiment to find the styles that work best for them. Some prefer large crosshairs that respond to gunfire, while others prefer smaller crosshairs that are static and less intrusive. 

A lot of players don’t know that it’s possible to have a circle crosshair in VALORANT and that it is relatively easy to create in the settings. 

The first step in making a circle crosshair is to navigate to the crosshair settings in the menu and reset your current crosshair to default. There is a reset button in the top right of the screen, which reverts your crosshair to the original settings. 

You can select any color you want, but make sure to turn the outlines off. Once this is done, scroll down ot the Inner Lines settings and turn the Show Inner Lines option on. To create a circle crosshair, use the following settings:

Inner Line Opacity: 1

Inner Line Length: 1

Inner Line Thickness: 3

Inner Line Offset: 1

If done correctly, your crosshair will now be a small open circle that is perfect for players who aren’t fans of the traditional crosshair style. If you want a solid circle, turn the Center Dot option on and adjust the Center Dot Thickness as needed. 

Be careful when adjusting the settings as it can ruin the circle and create odd crosshairs that are more distracting than helpful. You can also reset the crosshair again if you feel like the circle crosshair isn’t for you. 

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