How to create the most efficient training setup in VALORANT’s practice range with Sage

Practice more than just your aim on the range.

Image via Riot Games

If you were looking for more in-depth practice in VALORANT’s training mode, this new Sage technique can help you warm up properly before you hop into some games.

In the game’s practice range, players can train their aim by turning on robots that strafe in front of them, while also respawning a few moments after they’ve been shot down. But this trainer doesn’t do much in terms of any other aspects of the game.

One player, however, has found a way to make the range a lot more useful when it comes to practicing various fundamentals of tactical shooters by using Sage’s walls to create obstacles for the player to shoot around.

By using Sage, a player can place down multiple barriers onto the training range where the bots spawn, creating a makeshift maze that people can use to practice peeking from cover. This can help players make sure they have proper crosshair placement and prevent over-peeking.

Some of these concepts are essential to becoming a better FPS player and are important in a game like VALORANT where every bullet matters.

Whether you put down one Sage wall to practice peeking or an entire plethora of walls to practice shooting enemies that swing from around a corner, these types of exercises can help you loosen up before you hop onto the battlefield with your friends.