Here’s what VALORANT agents Gen.G like to run

Gen.G look to cement their top-tier status with this agent comp.

Image via Gen.G

The third time was the charm for Gen.G in the first phase of the VALORANT Champions Tour. In the closed qualifiers for Challengers One and Two, they finished bottom four after two straight losses twice. And after an opening loss to TSM to begin Challengers Three, it looked like it would end in disappointment again.

But finally, they punched their ticket to Masters with two straight 2-0 wins over Kooky Koalas and then NRG Esports. With a few small wins under their belt, Gen.G are looking to finally notch that victory that will cement their status as a top-tier team.

Here are the agents they’ll be using to try to achieve that goal.

Shawn on Raze, Reyna, and Phoenix

While teams like TSM have thrived while running three duelists at once, Gen.G’s Shawn O’Riley is a duelist triple threat all on his own. Back in October, Gen.G realized they needed a duelist with pop-off potential and a ton of firepower. In came Shawn, formerly of Moon Raccoons, who became an instantaneous difference maker and highlight creator.

The team is built around Shawn top-fragging across all three duelists. His individual skills speak for themselves and his versatility when it comes to which duelist he can use gives Gen.G so many options across their map pool.

Huynh on Jett

What North American roster would be complete without a dedicated Jett main? Teams like 100 Thieves are exceptions to an otherwise constant across the region. FaZe and BABYBAY, TSM and Wardell, Sentinels and ShahZaM. Give one of your best aimers a highly mobile agent that can get in and out of peek spots, get into unreachable high spots, and provide their own smoke cover, then watch them go to work.

While Danny Huynh may not be as prolific as some of those other names, he’s certainly no slouch on Jett. He’s taken a big step forward during Challengers, too, producing 42 kills and a 300 ACS over two maps in their close-out series over NRG.

gMd on Omen and MkaeL on Sova

Omen and Sova are two more agents that you’ll traditionally in a North American professional VALORANT team’s composition—and the French Canadians have been putting them to work

Some Sova players in North America have real playmaking abilities, like 100 Thieves’ Hiko and Envy’s crashies. But Michael “MkaeL” De Luca has quietly been one of the region’s best Sova players. While he doesn’t have the same kill output as these other guys, his assist numbers are more impressive.

Naturally, Anthony “gMd” Guimond’s numbers were going to slide by way of switching off of duelist to a smoker. But the former Counter-Strike pro’s use of smokes and blinds helps his duelist teammates tremendously and he punishes opponents with his lurking prowess.

Koosta on Cypher and Killjoy

Last but not certainly not least is Gen.G’s Kenneth “koosta” Suen, who joined the team from Gen.G’s CS:GO division just a week before Challengers. He’s already been called upon and answered for his team, delivering back-to-back clutches in their surprise win over TSM in the Challengers Two open qualifier.

Koosta is adopting the go-to picks of a former CS:GO teammate of his, 100 Thieves’ steel. Both players, who played together on Ghost Gaming’s CS:GO team along with TSM’s Wardell, have used the extensive utility of the two sentinels to lock down sites all on their own. This allows their teammates to stack other sites and both agent’s abilities can slow down attackers to allow their teammates to rotate on time.

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