Here’s what VALORANT agents Sentinels like to run

Who do you often see in a Sentinels match?

Image via Sentinels

The first phase of the VALORANT Champions Tour is nearly coming to an end. Eight teams will perform in the phase one finale that is the first Masters event. In North America, four teams have already qualified for Masters after successfully running the Challengers Two gauntlet.

One of those teams is Sentinels, looking to cement their status as North America’s best VALORANT team with an official crown. This team ran roughshod over the region in the first set of events, the Ignition Series. They’ve been red hot throughout the VCT as well. They’re one of only three teams to finish in the top four at both Challengers events (along with Immortals and XSET).

So what agents do this superstar team like to use? Let’s take a look at their go-to compositions.

SicK and Sinatraa’s showcase of versatility

The two superstars typically seen at the top of the scoreboard for Sentinels bring a ton of versatility to the team’s agent compositions. Hunter “SicK” Mims and Jay “sinatraa” Won aren’t just familiar with multiple agents, they’re proficient at different agent roles. This proficiency from the duo allows the team to run comps that fit their map choice and lets other players on the team shine.

Hunter “SicK” Mims is a 22-year-old VALORANT player for Sentinels who mainly plays Phoenix, Sage, and Sova. See what SicK uses to stay on top.

For the former Overwatch League MVP sinatraa, he balances his time between Sova and Raze. Over the past month, he’s actually been more deadly with Sova than the explosive duelist. He can also pull out Reyna once in a while. For SicK, his primary agents are Phoenix and Sage, two drastically different agents in terms of style.

The team doesn’t traditionally run a triple-duelist comp like some other teams, so for SicK and sinatraa, they trade off dueling. When SicK is on Phoenix, sinatraa goes with Sova. When sinatraa plays Raze, SicK supports with Sage. It’s also dependent on map choice. The Phoenix/Sova combination is used on Ascent while Sage/Raze is more popular on Split (a bad map for Sova).

The essential trio: Omen, Jett, Cypher

While sinatraa and SicK like to swap their agents, the rest of the squad keeps it consistent. Shahzeeb “ShahZaM” Khan is the dedicated duelist on Jett, Jared “zombs” Gitlin controls the map as Omen, and Michael “dapr” Gulino uses Cypher’s utility.

All three agents are popular picks in North America. Omen and Jett can both use their abilities to move around the map at will while smoking off chokepoints. Cypher’s extensive utility allows him to hold down bombsites while defending and protecting the team from lurkers while attacking.

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