Here’s what VALORANT agents Team Envy like to run

Don't be envious of their success, just steal their comp.

Screengrab via Team Envy

Team Envy’s VALORANT roster has been on a steady rise since the additions of Victor “food” Wong and Austin “crashies” Roberts back in September. After a semifinals appearance at First Strike, Envy stumbled in their Challengers One run but dominated at Challengers Two.

In the main event of the second closed qualifier for Masters, Envy dispatched XSET, Sentinels, Immortals, then Sentinels again in the grand finals. Their win over Sentinels was incredibly one-sided, taking two straight maps after starting with a 1-0 advantage.

Much of the conversation about the best NA team around First Strike centered on TSM, Sentinels, and 100 Thieves. But Envy are now in a position to dominate that conversation. Here are the agents that they’ve been using to put themselves in this spot.

Food on Phoenix

Food has at least tried several different agents over the past few months, but across the Challengers events in February, he’s been on fire as Phoenix. In 18 maps played, he’s posted an Average Combat Score of 285.3, a KD of 1.56, and a first kill/death differential of +18.

He was hungry for kills against Sentinels in the Challengers Two grand finals and fed himself with 53 of them over two maps, next to just 19 deaths. While he thrashed his opponents with aggressive peaks and flashes all tournament long, he also showed off impressive discipline and patience during pivotal moments.

Once in a while, Food will treat himself to a game on Raze, but his best firepower outputs come when he’s on Phoenix.

Crashies on Sova, FNS on Cypher

Both Crashies and FNS have a lock on the information gathering roles. Their expertise with these agents is what allows for Phoenix to be confidently aggressive. Between the camera, tripwires, recon arrows, and drones, they play a crucial support role for the duelists.

While serving as the in-game leader, FNS doesn’t have a ton of games where he pops off, but that’s not why he’s in the server for Envy. Crashies, however, has had some outstanding games from the perspective of the kill-feed, sometimes even out-fragging Food. He’s also been experimenting with playing Skye to a fair amount of success.

Kaboose on Reyna/Raze/Omen

Kaboose provides versatility to the Envy roster since he’s able to play proficiently on two duelists as well as a controller. Throughout Challengers, he’s bounced between Reyna, Raze, and Omen depending on what the team needs. Most recently, Envy’s big wins have come with him taking on one of the duelists.

With a majority of his teammates typically assigned to one agent, his amount of available agents means that team can get the best composition needed for whatever map they’re playing.

MummAy on Omen/Jett

Last but certainly not least, we have mummAy. While Kaboose has been using Reyna and Raze most recently, mummAy has taken the reins of everyone’s favorite broody controller.

It’s become a bit of a broken record talking about how important and popular Omen is in the current meta, but it’s impossible to undersell his value. And until some new nerfs of gameplay changes arrive, that’s likely going to stay the same.

But while Jett is a popular overall pick across other top NA teams, she’s more of a niche pick for Envy. In Challengers Two, mummAy used her three times all on Split, a map that suits her dash and updraft abilities. Envy won all three of those maps.

Envy will likely run this same comp of agents again at the VALORANT Champions Tour NA Masters One event, which starts on March 11.

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