Esports organizations that have signed VALORANT teams so far

These orgs are the first among many in competitive VALORANT.

Image via Riot Games

The immediate popularity of Riot Games’ new tactical shooter VALORANT has naturally brought forth a surge of organizations trying to get in on the action as the game’s esports potential shows itself. 

Riot recently announced its partnership with more than 20 esports organizations to build unique competitive VALORANT events in an esports initiative called the Ignition Series. Each event organizer will operate their own tournament with variations that will include competitive open qualifiers, showmatches, and invitationals. These tournaments will feature a range of talent from aspiring amateurs to established personalities and top players.

Twitch Rivals’ recent VALORANT tournament showed that, even though the game isn’t even a month old yet, there are teams that are already getting ready to compete. In the North American region, a team led by TSM streamer Myth was filled with players on a nearly full roster that TSM has already composed. 

Meanwhile, former CS:GO pro Brax led a group of players that have signed with T1, ultimately winning the tournament.

Though many organization’s haven’t gotten in on the action yet, there are many others who have started signing players, and the list is growing almost daily. Here’s our list of teams that have started to gobble up VALORANT’s talented players:

100 Thieves


Dignitas Female





Team SoloMid


Ninjas in Pyjamas