Immortals introduces its professional VALORANT roster

Immortals has joined the fray.

Image via Riot Games

Another day, another organization joining the pro VALORANT scene. This time, however, it’s Immortals suiting up its five-man squad for the upcoming esports scene.

Yannick “Koler” Blanchette, Amgalan “Genghsta” Nemekhbayar, Joseph “Bjorlulu” Bjorklund, and jcStani are all joining Immortals’ starting roster, the organization announced today. Unsurprisingly, almost all of them have backgrounds in CS:GO. The team didn’t reveal the final player on the team just yet, though.

As an established team, each player will be able to set the stage alongside their fellow pros to build strategies for the future metas that will form once the game officially releases next month.

Immortals joins Sentinels and T1 as organizations taking the plunge by signing a pro VALORANT team before the game’s esports circuit is revealed by Riot Games.

T1 and Sentinels picked up some big-name free agents, too. Former CS:GO star Braxton “Brax” Pierce joined T1, while Sentinels scooped up former Overwatch League MVP sinatraa. Although Immortals didn’t grab any similar star power for its lineup, there’s still plenty of time for this roster to grow into budding young stars.

It’s important for organizations to acquire some players who aren’t well-known in the esports industry so that the VALORANT pro scene can also grow organically. It wouldn’t be healthy for the esports ecosystem if teams just signed former pros from different games.

VALORANT will be released out of closed beta on June 2.