Duelists Reyna and Yoru tweaked in VALORANT Patch 2.03

This should balance out the competitive meta a bit.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT fans can expect a number of balance changes in Patch 2.03.

As one of VALORANT’s premier duelists, Reyna has been enjoying a bit too much fun in the current meta. So Riot is going to make some changes to the soul sucker, along with making improvements to two of Yoru’s abilities.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Reyna’s Devour (Q) and Dismiss (E) provide her with too much flexibility, especially with four charges. And her advantage in pistol rounds is unmatched since she can heal up to 150 without having to buy armor. So Riot’s taking her down a peg.

The total charges on Reyna’s Q and E are dropping down to two and increasing in cost to 200 credits, up from 100. To compensate for the seemingly harsh nerfs, slain enemies will now drop Soul Orbs even if Reyna doesn’t deliver the final blow. The duelist will simply have to deal damage to them within three seconds of their death.

And Yoru’s complexity appears to be dealing him a disservice since his combos can be difficult to pull off, especially in higher ranks. Riot is making a couple of quality-of-life changes to Gatecrash (E), adding a mini-map indicator that shows the range where enemies can hear and see the ability.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Riot is also targeting Yoru’s ultimate, Dimensional Drift. The mini-map will now be visible when using the ability. And any enemies spotted by Yoru will appear on allies’ mini-maps, too. But players can no longer body block enemies while using the ultimate. This may not be enough for Yoru to elbow his way into the meta, however.

A smaller change made to Brimstone and Phoenix’s mollies will make the lingering fire zone easier to hear when other sounds occur nearby. Fans can also expect weapon balance changes to the Stinger, Frenzy, and Marshal, as well as new mode Escalation.

Patch 2.03 will likely go live later today.

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