Asuna’s VALORANT settings: Keybinds and crosshair

Play like a Jett and Reyna pro.

Image via Riot Games

Peter “Asuna” Mazuryk is an American-born gamer who plays VALORANT for 100 Thieves and has made a handful of notable appearances in VCT events.

Despite only being 18-years-old, the Jett and Reyna main has been a part of numerous top-five finishes for 100 Thieves in VCT events, including a semifinal finish at Stage Three Masters Berlin earlier this month.

Asuna joined 100 Thieves last October after playing for Immortals for a few months immediately following the release of VALORANT in June. 

In just more than a year of playing the game, Asuna has racked up an estimate of more than $40,000 in prize earnings.

Here are Asuna’s VALORANT settings.


Primary Weapon1
Secondary Weapon2
Melee Weapon3
Ability 1E
Ability 2C
Ability 3Q
Use ObjectF
Equip Spike4


DPI1400In-Game Sens.295
eDPI413Scoped Sens1
Polling Rate1000Windows Sens6


ColorWhiteInner Lines1/2/1/3
OutlinesOn/1/1Outer Lines0/0/0/0
Center DotOffFade/Movement/Firing ErrorOff/Off/Off

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