TFT Set 7 Patch 12.16: Full notes and updates

Get ready for Set 7.5 while climbing the ladder before the Mid-Set soft ranked reset.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games is preparing for Dragonlands Uncharted Realms through minor Temafiight Tactics balance changes and bug fixes within Patch 12.16. 

Patch 12.16 is the final patch for Set Seven Dragonlands prior to the Uncharted Realms 7.5 Mid-Set update that will feature new traits like Lagoon and Darkflight, along with new dragon champions like Terra and Zippy. Reworks were also applied to the Dragon and Astral trait for Set 7.5. Notable changes within Patch 12.16 include increased health to Bruiser units at higher breakpoints, nerfs to Daeja, and a Shyvana mana buff. 

Here are the TFT Patch 12.16 notes, according to Riot. 

Patch 12.16 trait changes

Image via Riot Games

Prior to Nomsy becoming an official dragon, the Trainer dragon had their Fireball spell damage reduced. And Bruiser units have more health at four and six. 

  • Bruiser: Health adjusted from 200/325/450/700 to 200/325/500/800
  • Cavalier: Armor and magic resistance adjusted from 35/60/85/110 to 35/55/75/100
  • Guild: Display change to take up less space
  • Scalescorn: Bonus magic damage percent adjusted from 15/50/125 to 15/50/115 percent
  • Shimmerscale: Draven’s Axe cash out gold reduced from eight to seven
  • Trainer: Nomsy fireball damage reduced from 85/110/140/175 to 85/105/125/155
  • Tempest: Bonus attack speed after lightning strike increased from 20/50/100/200 to 20/50/120/250 percent. 

Patch 12.16 Draconic Augment changes

Image via Riot Games

Economy Augments like Lategame Specialist and Rich Get Richer had their gold output increased. And Axiom Arch had its mana buffed upon terminating an enemy unit. Players can also find all the new TFT Set 7.5 Draconic Augments here.

  • Axiom Arc: Mana on kill increased from 20/30 to 25/40
  • Best Friends: Attack speed reduced from 10/20/30 to 10/15/20 percent
  • Cybernetic Augments: Implant, Shell, and Uplink health reduced from 125/200/300 to 100/150/250
  • Hot Shot: Maximum health true damage burn reduced from eight to six percent
  • Lategame Specialist: Gold granted at level nine increased from 40 to 45
  • Personal Training: Base health granted for units adjacent to Bruisers increased from 30 to 40
  • Press the Attack: Maximum health percent damage reduced from five to four percent
  • Rich Get Richer: Gold granted increased from 15 to 18
  • Scorch: Damage amplification reduced from 33 to 25 percent
  • Weakspot: Reduced healing duration lowered from five to three
  • Windfall: Gold increased from 20/30/40 to 25/35/45

Patch 12.16 item changes

screengrab via Riot GAMES

A bunch of minor changes were applied to Radiant items heading into Set 7.5, where players will see an increase of the items via the Treasure Dragon changes. And the two most dominant Set Seven items, Statikk Shiv and Sunfire Cape, were nerfed. 

  • Ionic Spark: Magic damage maximum mana ration reduced from 200 to 185 percent
  • Statikk Shiv: Magic damage reduced from 60 to 50
  • Radiant Statikk Shiv: Damage reduced from 100 to 75
  • Ornn Rocket Propelled Fist: Health reduced from 350 to 300
  • Sunfire Cape: Health reduced from 300 to 250
  • Zz’Rot Portal: Voidspawn health nerfed from 1350/1600/1900/2250 to 1200/1450/1700/2000
  • Radiant Zz’Rot Portal: Voidspawn health nerfed from 3000/3400/3800/4500 to 2500/3000/3500/4000
  • Radiant Archangel’s Staff: Starting ability power increased from 30 to 40
  • Radiant Deathblade: Attack damage buffed from 50/75/100 to 55/85/115
  • Radiant Giant Slayer: Base damage increased from 30 to 40 percent
  • Radiant Giant Slayer: Health threshold reduced from 2200 to 2000
  • Radiant Deathcap: Ability power increased from 120 to 125
  • Radiant Spear of Shojin: Ability power increased from 20 to 30

Patch 12.16 champion changes

Image via Riot Games

Kayn was given a buff in Patch 12.16 before the Assassin departs from the Dragonlands. Braum received a significant increase in attack damage. Diana was buffed and Xayah was given some attack damage back. 


  • Ezreal: Attack damage reduced from 40 to 35
  • Ezreal: Attack speed increased from 0.6 to 0.65


  • Braum: Attack damage buffed from 50 to 70
  • Kayn: Mana buffed from 0/45 to 0/30
  • Kayn: Armor and magic resistance increased from 25 to 35
  • Yone: Bonus on-hit magic damage reduced from 90/150/225 to 90/140/215


  • Diana: Damage per orb increased from 80/90/110 to 90/105/120
  • Diana: Total damage from spell buffed from 400/540/770 to 450/630/840
  • Elise: Spell bite damage buffed from 210/260/310 to 230/270/310
  • Lee Sin: Mana buffed from 40/100 to 30/90
  • Ryze: Attack speed increased from 0.65 to 0.7


  • Daeja: Armor and magic resistance reduced from 40 to 30
  • Daeja: Windblast passive damage nerfed from 25/40/150 to 20/35/150
  • Shi Oh Yu: Jade-form damage reduction reduced from 20/25/50 to 150/20/50 percent
  • Sy’fen: Attack damage nerfed from 110 to 100
  • Sy’fen: Armor and magic resistance reduced from 70 to 60
  • Sona: Spell damage adjusted from 250/350/1000 to 250/375/1000
  • Xayah: Attack damage buffed from 70 to 75
  • Xayah: Spell damage buffed at one-star from 12/20/60 to 15/20/60


  • Ao Shin: Spell damage adjusted from 225/400/2500 to 225/385/2500
  • Shyvana: Mana buffed from 0/60 to 15/60
  • Pyke: Spell primary damage adjusted from 325/450/15000 to 375/475/15000
  • Pyke: Secondary damage adjusted from 150/250/15000 to 180/250/15000
  • Yasuo: Health reduced from 1,100 to 1,000
  • Yasuo: Sweeping blade attack damage ratio nerfed from 160/200/3000 to 150/180/3000

Patch 12.16 Hyper Roll changes

Image via Riot Games
  • Personal Training: Augments base health granted for units adjacent to Bruiser units increased from 60 to 80
  • Zz’Rot Portal: Voidspawn health adjusted from 1350/1900/2250 to 1200/1700/2000
  • Radiant Zz’Rot Portal: Voidspawn health adjusted from 3000/3800/4500 to 2500/3500/4000

Patch 12.16 bug fixes

Image via Riot Games
  • The tooltip will now specify that Hextech Gunblade heals the lowest percent health ally
  • Attack damage ratios for Xayah, Corki, and Talon were added to their tooltips
  • Tooltip for Zhonya’s Hourglass now states that the holder is untargetable when the stasis effect is triggered
  • Tooltip for Sy’fen will state that the dash range is 2.5 hexes
  • Hyper Roll players will no longer hit level eight or nine one round later than intended
  • Missions not progressing in Double Up and Hyper Roll have been resolved
  • Zone displays for Shen’s Dodge show at every star level
  • If Lilia dashes, her second cast will hit the target now
  • Shyvana will move into range if no targets are within range upon her casting
  • Qiyana will move into range if no targets are within range upon casting 
  • Shi Oh Yu’s third attack will now trigger at the target’s location if the target is out of base attack range
  • Chain lightning from Volibear will no longer visually chain off the board
  • VFX overtime screen will no longer continue to play after a PvE round
  • Zoe will no longer give armor and magic resistance to the same unit multiple times via Kayle’s Intervention
  • Mana items will no longer gain Rage for Ragewing units when enraged
  • Runaan’s Hurricane no longer deals Scalescorn’s bonus magic damage
  • The Astral trait will now use previous combat to determine Astral star levels