TFT 13.2 PBE Patch notes: All balance changes so far

Several reworks help define the Set Eight meta.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games is targeting Teamfight Tactics Set Eight items and traits for Patch 13.2, including several reworks.

Balance changes for the upcoming TFT Patch notes are uploaded for testing on PBE servers prior to the update’s release on live servers. The next update will take place on Jan. 25 through Patch 13.2. All balance changes on PBE servers are subject to change prior to the official release on live servers. 

Here are the tentative TFT Set Eight Patch 13.2 changes on PBE servers, according to TFTTactics

Set 8 TFT champions

Image via Riot Games

Only a few TFT Set Eight champions had balance changes getting tested on PBE servers after the launch of Patch 13.1. Heading into TFT Patch 13.2, additional balance changes were added to champions like Aurelion Sol, Zoe, LeBlanc, Miss Fortune, and Bel’Veth. 

  • Ashe: Attack damage increased from 55/83/124 to 60/90/135
  • Aphelios: Attack damage increased from 75/113/169 to 80/120/180
  • Aurelion Sol: Meteor damage increased from 135/200/400 to 145/215/435
  • Bel’Veth: Physical damage from her spell increased from 60/90/420 to 80/120/510 (75/75/200 percent attack damage plus 20/30/150 magic damage).
  • Fiddlesticks: Magic damage from drain reduced from 111/166/1000 to 100/150/900
  • Janna: Janna’s stun has been adjusted from 1.5/2/3 to 1.25/2/10
  • Janna: Spell damage nerfed from 100/150/3000 to 50/75/1000
  • Jax: Every third attack damage increased from 100/150/250 to 110/165/285
  • Miss Fortune: Spell magic damage from the first bullet reduced from 45/65/210 to 40/60/180 and other bullets was also nerfed from 25/35/105 to 20/30/100
  • Nilah: Healing increased from 250/300/350 to 250/320/400
  • LeBlanc: Sigil magic damage increased from 85/105/130 to 90/110/135
  • Lulu: Magic bolt damage increased from 240/360/540 to 260/390/580 and damage to the first enemy increased from 120/180/270 to 130/195/290
  • Lee Sin: Physical damage from dash increased from 144/216/338 to 165/248/378 physical damage (275/275/280 percent attack damage). The armor for Lee Sin was also increased to 50, along with his magic resistance.
  • Samira: Physical damage from bullets adjusted from 450/681/3029 to 430/651/3029 (500/525/1500 percent attack damage plus 80/100/666 magic damage).
  • Sejuani: Armor increased to 70 and health buffed to 1000/1800/3240
  • Sett: Physical damage reduced from 135/216/810 to 126/203/608 and blast damage was also nerfed from 270/432/1620 to 252/405/1215
  • Urgot: Attack damage reduced from 80/120/180 to 70/105/158
  • Vel’Koz: Rework to spell ability that prohibits an enemy from getting frozen for a total of four seconds after being frozen
  • Yuumi: Spell missile magic damage increased from 220/330/510 to 230/345/535 to first unit hit
  • Zed: Upon teleporting behind his target, Zed now briefly becomes Untargetable
  • Zoe: Bubble damage increased from 375/550/925 to 390/585/975

Set 8 TFT traits

Image via Riot Games

Multiple TFT Set Eight traits are up for reworks in Patch 13.2. The Underground trait has new breakpoints and locks cracked per breakpoint while the LaserCorps trait also has a new breakpoint at seven with reduced magic damage per drone. 

  • ADMIN: Boost to previous tiers at ADMIN six has been reduced from 200 to 100 percent.
  • Aegis: Magic resistance buffed from 20/35/50/75 for all and 40/70/100/150 for Aegis units to 20/40/60/90 for all and 40/80/120/180 for Aegis units.
  • Anima Squad: Fame point health per kill reduced from six to five for each Anima Squad member.
  • Gadgeteen: Rework—Gadgeteen units gain 3/7 percent damage and damage reduction for each item equipped to them. Items created each round have remained the same and items still fall apart after one round.
  • LaserCorps: Rework—When a LaserCorp unit attacks or is hit by an attack, their combat drone deals 30/50/80/100 magic damage to the target with a 0.40-second cooldown. When a LaserCorps unit dies, its drone is reassigned to the nearest living LaserCorp unit. Each LaserCorps unit still gets a second drone at nine LaserCorps. 
  • Mascot: Healing at breakpoints four and six buffed from 2.50/4.50 to 2.75/5.50 percent healing.
  • Mecha: PRIME: PRIME ability power and attack damage were reduced to 60 and all Mechas ability power and attack damage were reduced to 45.
  • Ox Force: Tooltip updated to specify that when an Ox Force unit drops below one health, they return to one health and become immune to damage for one second.
  • Renegade: Bonus damage reduced from 40/70 to 35/60 percent.
  • Spellslinger: “At the start of combat” removed from ability. Now it is just “every five seconds.”
  • Sureshot: Attack damage at the breakpoint of two reduced from 10 to eight percent.
  • Underground: Rework—New breakpoints added and cracking locks adjusted.
    • Three: Two locks per win and three per loss
    • Four: Two locks per win and four per loss
    • Five: Three locks per win and five per loss
    • Six: Four locks per win and seven per loss

Set 8 TFT items

Image via Riot Games

All TFT Set Eight items are getting a backend rework that is removing “bonus” attack damage and ability power for each item. The total amount of attack damage or ability power per item, though, has remained the same. All changes to bonus amounts were also applied to Radiant items.

Giant Slayer, for example, no longer grants 20 percent attack damage and 20 ability power. The total attack damage with a Giant Slayer equipped, however, is still 30 percent and ability power is still 20 in conjunction with 10 percent attack speed. 

Set 8 TFT Augments

Image via Riot Games

Several TFT Set Eight Hero Augments were reworked, including a boost to Jinx and a change from mana restored to ability power gained for Janna. The regular Augment Cluttered Mind was buffed and the item gained from Underground Soul was changed. 

  • Syndra Empowered Reserves (support): Ability power gained per champion on your bench reduced from six to five
  • Jinx Get Excited! (carry): Rework—Gain a Jinx. She gains 40 percent attack speed and movement speed. When Jinx scores a takedown, this amount is tripled for seven seconds. 
  • Miss Fortune Make it Rain (carry): Gold dropped after every three player combats fielded changed from 20 to between 10 and 20 based on the current Stage. 
  • Janna Rapid Reporting (carry): Rework—Janna gains 50 ability power and her ability does true damage.
  • Sett Regenerative Shields (support): Item gained changed from Locket of Iron Solari to Protector’s Vow.
  • Jax Relentless Assault (carry): Attack speed gained after every third attack increased from nine to 12 percent.
  • Cluttered Mind: “Gain two random tier-one champions” added if your bench is full at the end of a round while still gaining three experience
  • Cruel Pact: Heal reduced from three to two at the end of each round
  • Underground Soul: Item gained changed from Hextech Gunblade to Zz’Rot Portal. 

Update Jan. 21 at 2:30 pm CT: All potential TFT Patch 13.2 balance changes on PBE were updated.