TFT Coins coming to mobile via Patch 11.23

Use your RP for TFT store items now before Coins launch.

Image via Riot Games

The transition from Riot Points to Coins, a new currency within Teamfight Tactics, will begin with Patch 11.23, Riot Games revealed today.

Scheduled to take place on Nov. 17, TFT mobile players will begin using Coins as opposed to Riot Points. PC players will still use RP to purchase items from the store until sometime in 2022. The new currency within TFT will have “no impact on the price of store items,” according to Riot. A purchase of $4.99 will provide 650 TFT Coins without a bonus and $99.99 equals 13,000 TFT Coins and a bonus of 2,000 Coins. 

Image via Riot Games
  • $4.99: 650 TFT Coins with no bonus
  • $9.99: 1,300 TFT Coins with an 80 Coin bonus
  • $19.99: 2,600 TFT Coins and 200 bonus Coins
  • $34.99: 4.550 TFT Coins and 450 bonus Coins
  • $49.99: 6,500 TFT Coins and 700 bonus Coins
  • $99.99: 13,000 TFT Coins and a bonus of 2,000 Coins

The transition from RP to Coins is being made to essentially streamline things on the backend. Switching to Coins as a currency within TFT should cut down on the maintenance involved. 

Mobile players can expect to see the new form of TFT currency with the Patch 11.23 update on Nov. 17. Coins will replace RP for PC players sometime in 2022, but a specific date hasn’t been released yet.