Team Liquid Galaxy Qualifier Teamfight Tactics standings

Players compete for a chance to earn a seat at the TFT Galaxy Championship.

Teamfight Tactics Jhin
Image via Riot Games

Team Liquid, in a partnership with Riot Games, launched the Teamfight Tactics galaxy qualifiers (LGQ) for the North America and Oceania regions today. 

A total of 256 competitors participated in the first LGQ today, leading up to the Liquid Galaxy final on July 18 in which the winner and runnerup will qualify for the TFT Galaxy Championship

Team Liquid revealed that the upcoming qualifiers may contain 512 to 1,024 competitors. The announcement was made in response to a number of competitors who couldn’t play today due to there not being enough slots. Priority sign-ups were also established for TFT Challenger and Grandmaster tier players within the remaining Gallaxy Qualifiers. Players who are interested in signing up for future LGQ’s can find details and information at

LGQ Format

All rounds, excluding the finals rounds, were played in best-of-one via eight-player lobbies. At the end of each round, the top half ranked players advanced to the next round. Points awarded in later rounds held more weight than earlier rounds. Once a top-eight was determined, those players advanced to the finals. 

  • Finals (eight players/one lobby/best-of-three): Players will play three separate TFT rounds and receive one to eight points based on placement in each game. Point standings after the third game will determine overall placement. In the event of a tie in points after the finals, the players who finished higher in the final round will win the tie.

Tie-breakers can happen in the earlier rounds, and even in the finals. Specific rules were addressed by the Team Liquid team prior to today’s rounds regarding tie-breakers.

  • In the event that players scored equally in their last game, the secondary tiebreaker will be the points scored the round prior to the current round. This process continues backward until there is a separation.
  • In the event that there is no separation from the deadlock, players will be separated by total rounds of play survived. This will be determined by stats taken from LoL Chess.

May 16 LGQ standings

A list of the TFT competitors who participated in the May 16 LGQ can be found here.  Following two rounds, a total of 64 competitors remained.

Image via Team Liquid

Heading into the fifth round, only the top 16 players would advance. Players like AgonTFT, William, and Cabstract showed off some serious TFT skills through the first four rounds. William picked up their third first place finish at the LGQ in round four while AgonTFT earned his second.

Here were the top 16 players who advanced to round five:

Image via Team Liquid

Out of 256 competitors, eight advanced to the finals, where the points reset and the winner was determined over the course of three rounds:

  • William
  • Jcas
  • Elussionist
  • Koon
  • Jesse
  • Yawolloh
  • Agon
  • Danny
Image via Team Liquid


The finals were played in a best-of-three format between the top-eight players from day one. Following two games, Simple Plan (Jesse), Yawolloh, Jojotheginger (Jcas), and Ripple Overdrive (William) were in the top-four. 

Image via Team Liquid

Simple Plan held onto the lead during the third game, finishing it in third-place, to win the finals with an overall point score of 21. 

  • Simple Plan (Jesse): 21 points
  • TasteyLime (Danny): 17 points
  • Ripple Overdrive (William): 16 points
  • Agon: 14 points
  • Yawolloh: 14 points
  • Eluusionist: 13 points
  • JojoTheGinger (Jcas): 11 points
  • Koon: 5 points

May 23 LGQ standings

Increasing the entry size from the May 16 Liquid Galaxy Qualifiers, a total of 512 competitors entered in todays tournament, including streamers like Mismatchedsocksss, Polt, Kiyoon, and SaintVicious.

Round one consisted of 64 lobby’s, featuring a skill level of players that exceeded ladder play. according to Mismatchedsocksss. Players needed to finish in the top-four of their lobby to advance into round two.

Following round two, Team Liquid announced in Discord that a bot glitch had improperly seeded players. A decision was made to schedule another LGQ tournament and complete today’s tournament without qualifiers to the TFT Galaxies Championship, only the prize pool money. A full statement from Team Liquid can be found here.

Standings in the TFT Liquid Galaxy Qualifiers will be updated throughout the day.