Glitch disrupts week 2 Teamfight Tactics Liquid Qualifiers

Qualifier rewards were removed due to seeding glitch.

Teamfight Tactics TFT Riot Mort
Image via Riot Games

A bot glitch in seeding at the Teamfight Tactics Team Liquid Qualifiers today forced the team to remove qualifier invitation for Galaxies Championship.  

A total of 512 competitors were competing in today’s LGQ when a glitch was discovered that improperly seeded TFT players in the first two rounds. Competitors were supposed to be seeded according to rank, with Challengers first, followed by Grand Master and then everyone else. The glitch prevented this from happening, creating a number of lopsided lobbies. 

“We’ve investigated and confirmed a glitch in the Tournament Bot that manages the backend of LGQ,” the Team Liquid admins said in Discord. “The original intention saw Challengers seeded first, GMs seeded second, and then everyone else shuffled accordingly. This did not happen correctly and we ended up with many lopsided lobbies.”

To keep things fair for all players involved, the chance to qualify for the TFT Galaxies Championship was removed from today’s tournament. Those competing still had a chance to earn $1,000 prize but would have to attend another LGQ for a chance to earn a qualification spot. 

“To keep the competitive integrity of the tournament intact, we will be moving the originally intended week 2 qualifier spot to a different week, possibly next week,” Team Liquid said. “This adds one more tournament to the schedule with a Qualifier spot. We will still award the prize of $1000 for today, but no qualification to the LGQ Final for this week.

A date has not been scheduled at this time for the additional LGQ tournament. Team Liquid did state, however, that more information would be provided as soon as possible.