Riot Mortdog reveals PBE patch days for TFT Set 5 Reckoning

Don't get too used to the PBE meta.

Teamfight Tactics Evil Teemo
Image via Riot Games

A total of seven Teamfight Tactics PBE patch days are scheduled to take place prior to the official launch of Set Five Reckoning, according to Riot game designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer.

Set Five is scheduled to release on the PBE servers later today or early tomorrow. New TFT sets are uploaded to the PBE servers two weeks prior to launch, using the community to find bugs that need resolving and to establish a balanced meta. Players are encouraged to post bugs and feedback on balance issues on the TFT Discord. Based on player input, the team will make changes to Set Five Reckoning via a total of seven PBE patches prior to its launch, according to Mortdog. 

PBE patches for Set Five are expected to take place around 2pm CT on April 14 to 16, and April 19 to 21. A final patch will take place on April 26 prior to the official release of Reckoning. The PBE servers will be down for about an hour on each patch day. 

Set Five will introduce a new mechanic to TFT, Shadow Items. It also contains a total of 60 champions and 27 traits. The theme for Reckoning is good against evil, which is represented by three new Little Legends, Arenas, and system changes

Leading up to the release of Set Five, players can choose to either test out Reckoning on the PBE servers or play a “wild” version of Set 4.5 via the final Patch 11.8 that drops on April 14.

The official launch day for TFT Set Five Reckoning is April 28.