Riot Mortdog drops 12.4 B-patch nerfs and buffs for TFT 6.5 Neon Nights

The 12.4 B-patch will go into effect tomorrow.

Image via Riot Games

Adjustments to the Teamfight Tactics launch of Set 6.5 will hit a total of four primary carriers in the Neon Nights meta, along with the traits Hextech and Innovator via the 12.4 B-patch, according to game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer.

Scheduled to go live on Feb. 23, the TFT 12.4 B-patch contains a large number of nerfs that tone down overpowered champions and traits from the launch of Neon Nights. Nerfs will be applied to primary carriers like Renata, Irelia, and Sivir. Supporting Set 6.5 units like Silco, Sejuani, Rek’Sai, Ekko, and Zac were also hit. The balance changes getting applied are the first step toward a healthier Set 6.5 meta, according to Mortdog. 

More Set 6.5 adjustments are slated to take place in Patch 12.5 on March 2, according to Mortdog, prior to the TFT team taking a break. Patch 12.6 is scheduled to drop on March 30.

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The new TFT Set 6.5 Hextech build immediately became one of the most contested comps within the Patch 12.4 meta, providing a shield and on-hit damage that synergized with the Neon Nights champion Sivir. A nerf will get applied to both the Hextech shield and bonus magic damage while Sivir’s attack damage and attack speed will be slightly reduced. 

Sivir also had a bug on her that canceled her attacks while her ability was active. That bug has been resolved. Renata’s spell damage wasn’t fully reverted to her final PBE buff, but it’s pretty close to it and will likely put a damper on the Bruiser comp running her as a primary carry. Irelia had her attack speed reduced and her spell’s base damage nerfed. And Silco had his spell duration, spell bonus attack speed, and mana bonus from Mastermind all reduced.

The TFT Neon Nights 12.4 B-patch will go into effect on Feb. 23.