EMEA Golden Spatula Cup 1: TFT Set 8 standings, format, and schedule

Winner earns a direct invite to the EMEA TFT Set Eight Finals.

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A total of 128 Teamfight Tactics players from over 25 countries in the EMEA region competed for qualifier points, and a direct invite to the Rising Legends Set Eight Finals. 

The first EMEA Golden Spatula Cup of TFT Set Eight took place from Feb. 3 to 5, showcasing gameplay on the 13.1 C-patch. Players from over 25 countries earned an invite to the first GSC through either regional competitions, ladder snapshots, or from the Open Qualifier. The regional competitions are new for TFT Set Eight, making up 52 of the total 128 players at GSC1.

  • DACH: seven
  • France: seven
  • Eastern Europe: seven
  • Poland: six
  • Turkey: six
  • Spain: four
  • Northern Europe: four
  • MENA: three
  • Italy: three
  • Rest of EMEA: five

The remaining players qualified through the Rising Legends Open Qualifier (32 slots) and from ladder snapshots (44 slots). Both the three GSC tournaments and Ranked ladder scores determine the 32 players who will battle it out for Worlds spots at the Rising Legends Finals. Unlike the previous TFT season, no points are getting reset in between the Mid-Set patch for Set Eight. 

Feb. 5 EMEA Golden Spatula Cup Set Eight standings

The top 32 players who advanced to the final day of the EMEA Golden Spatula Cup competed in six rounds, with the winner of the tournament earning a direct invite to the Rising Legends TFT Set Eight Finals. Hero Augments like Endless Pizza and Spirit of the Exile were still among the top early picks while Bel’Veth ended up getting splashed into just about every winning comp throughout the tournament. Points were reset to start the final day.

Halfway through the final day, Kurfuzzled had two first-place lobby wins with a total of 19 points, tied with Elia who had two second-place finishes. Also tied at 19 points after three games were Haiden and Qetzer.

Heading into the final game of the day, Lyyyress and AUG were tied at the top of the leaderboard with 23 points. Close behind them with 22 points were Armatruc and Salvyyy. But at the end of the day, it was Tsarou, a player who qualified for the GSC through the regional competitions, who topped the charts. The win earned Tsarou a direct invite to the Regional Finals.

All players who competed on day three of the TFT Set Eight Golden Spatula Cup also earned qualifier points for the Regional Finals, with the top eight performers earning at least 50 qualifier points.

Here were the top eight players and the qualifier points they earned.

  • Tsarou: 37 points and invite to Regional Finals
  • Qetzer: 36 points and 62 qualifier points
  • Haiden: 34 points and 60 qualifier points
  • Elia: 34 points and 58 qualifier points
  • Kurfuzzled: 33 points and 56 qualifier points
  • Wet Jungler: 32 points and 54 qualifier points
  • TSW5: 31 points and 52 qualifier points
  • Lyyyress: 31 points and 50 qualifier points

Feb. 4 EMEA GSC1 standings

A total of 64 TFT players started day two at the EMEA Golden Cup Spatula, having advanced with no less than 27 points from the first day. Players were split into eight lobbies, with only the top 32 highest-scoring competitors advancing to the final day.

Winning three lobbies in a row during day two was Double61, earning first atop the leaderboard with 39 total points. The cutoff for the top 32 players was 27 points.

Here were the top 32 players advancing to day three of the EMEA Golden Spatula Cup.

Feb. 3 EMEA GSC1 standings

Out of the 128 players that started on day one of the Golden Spatula Cup, only 64 advanced to the second day of competition. Lobbies were reseeded every round after the first two games and points earned from the first day carried over into day two. 

Following two of six total games played, only Deliryumm and Qetzer had back-to-back first-place finishes.

With four games completed and two to go during the first day of competition, TSWS, IASA, Armatruc, and Xperion were sitting at the top of the leaderboard with two first-place lobby wins for each. The cut-off for day two was 27 points, with Traviscwat sitting atop the leaderboard at 41 points overall after day one. Several players like Yaroy, Zhasu, Noel, Kubixon, Xante, and Odesza missed the cut at 27 points due to tie-breakers.

Here were the top 64 players who advanced to day two of the TFT Set Eight EMEA Golden Spatula Cup:

Kingdanzz6DotWet JunglerKacpersky191
XiellendarioKevin ParkerZeulEnacheBrank
AUGChambeAratNT MB

Scores and standings for the TFT Set Eight EMEA Golden Spatula Cup will get updated following games played each day.

Update Feb. 4 2:30pm CT: All scores and TFT standings for the EMEA Golden Spatula Cup were updated.

Updated Feb. 5 2pm CT: All scores and TFT standings for the EMEA Golden Spatula Cup were updated.


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