5 best TFT Patch 12.7 Worlds meta comps

Rank up the ladder like a TFT Worlds pro to wrap up Set 6.5.

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The final Teamfight Tactics meta for Set 6.5 Neon Nights has been established, showcasing five Patch 12.7 comps everyone should know. 

Patch 12.7 is the money patch, getting showcased at the Gizmos & Gadgets World Championship that is taking place from April 29 to May 1. A small 12.7 B-patch may occur but shouldn’t shake up the meta. A first look at the TFT Worlds meta took place at the Neon Nights Last Chance Qualifier, highlighting established comps and some newer versions that can take opponents in a lobby by surprise. 

The overall pace of the 12.7 Worlds meta is slower compared to other patches during Neon Nights, providing players an opportunity to hit level nine. Upon going to level nine, players should begin to transition their best TFT comp into a legendary board in order to obtain a first-place lobby finish. 

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Some of the top legendary board carriers, according to Wrainbash, are Viktor, Zeri, and Kai’Sa. Another option is to run Galio as a primary frontline carrier, according to Subzeroark, in conjunction with five-cost units like Viktor, Jinx, and Silco. 

From AD to AP builds, here are the best TFT 12.7 Worlds comps.

The 4/4/2 Striker Scrap TFT comps

A properly balanced TFT Set 6.5 meta has allowed the Scrap trait to finally shine as it is no longer snuffed out by overpowered carriers. And the best way to play Scrap is in conjunction with the Striker trait, while the “two” portion of the build can be either Bruiser or Bodyguard. The 4/4/2 comp relies upon Sivir as the main carrier, with Irelia as the secondary carrier. Both Set 6.5 champions rely upon AD items, with Irelia favoring Bloodthirster to stay alive and Sivir favoriting Guinsoo’s Rageblade for speed.

The “two” portion of the TFT Set 6.5 comp has typically been Sejuani and Vi, Bruisers on the frontline in conjunction with Alistar and Jarvin IV. But there’s another option, according to Subzeroark that runs two Bodyguard units: Braum and Blitzcrank. And to cap off the board at level eight, they add Jinx. 

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There’s also the option to run six Hextech with Sivir as the primary carrier, should the Scrap options fail to present themselves. Be sure to place a Quicksilver on Sivir if you’re running the six Hextech option as she is your primary source of damage and your team won’t survive if she gets hit with any form of crowd control.

Hextech Augments that increase the Striker/Scrap comps performance are Weakspot, Phalanx, Backfoot, and Stand United, according to BunnyMuffins. Concussive Blows, First Aid Kit, and Disintegrator are also ideal Augment choices, according to Wrainbash

Innovator and carry of choice TFT comps

Similar to Scrap, the Innovator trait can once again shine within the TFT 12.7 Worlds meta. Jhin is the optimal primary carry within the build, using AD items like Giant Slayer, Last Whisper, and Infinity Edge. But he’s not the only carrier that works within the five Innovator comp, with Kha’Zix rising onto the scene—along with Jayce during the late game, and even Irelia depending on the lobby meta. 

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If able to hit level nine with the TFT 12.7 Innovator build, players should consider running seven Innovator units or transitioning to a five Innovator/legendary board. Popular Hextech Augment choices include Makeshift Armor, Stand United, and any Innovator trait Augments. 

Mutant TFT Worlds comps

Synaptic Web is still a viable Mutant option to run. But the new kid in town is Voracious Appetite with Kai’Sa as the main carrier, as seen during the TFT Neon Nights Last Chance Qualifier.  Key items to run on Kai’Sa include Quicksilver, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Hand of Justice, Edge of Night, and Hextech Gunblade. 

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Kha’Zix is the secondary carrier within the Mutant Voracious Appetite build, best equipped with TFT Set 6.5 items like Rapidfire Cannon, Edge of Night, Blood Thirster, and Infinity Edge. Phony Frontline is the best Hextech Augment for the Voracious Appetite Mutant comp while Underdogs and Second Wind are top priorities for Metamorph Mutant builds, according to Wrainbash

Image via Phin/Lorus

The Metamorph Mutant build runs Cho’Gath as the primary carrier, with Malzahar as a secondary carry until the late game. Key items on Cho’Gath include Redemption, Bramble Vest, Dragon’s Claw, Titan’s Resolve, and Ionic Spark. Items placed on Malzahar will get transferred over to Kai’Sa for a final board, meaning players should place a priority on AP items like Morellonomicon, Statikk Shiv, and Hextech Gunblade.

Arcanist Ahri and Viktor TFT comps

Brand is the ideal early game carry for an Arcanist build within the TFT 12.7 meta, equipped with Set 6.5 items like Blue Buff, Hextech Gunblade, Jeweled Gauntlet, Infinity Edge, Deathcap, and of course a Mutant Spatula or Emblem should the opportunity present itself. These items all work on Ahri who is the designated carrier during the mid and late-game stages. Players can also opt to run Malzahar as an early AP carry as well. But don’t try to three-star the Mutant and keep them as a primary carry because it’s a trap.

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Viktor is a powerful final board carrier for the Arcanist comp, with many of Ahri’s items transferring over nicely. A Spear of Shojin and Hand of Justice are also solid item choices for Viktor. There’s also the option to run an Arcanist board with Lucian as the main carrier, according to Frobei, slotting Jinx in as the secondary carrier during the final stages. 

Prime Hextech Augments to pick when running an AP comp like Arcanist include Jeweled Lotus, Spell Blade, Blue Battery, and Luden’s Echo. 

Bruiser TFT comp led by Renata Glasc

Despite a nerf applied to Renata Glasc that prevents her poison from doing damage if she gets taken out, running her with a solid frontline of Bruiser units can get players to level nine. Once hitting level nine, players should transition toward a legendary board. 

Image via Ramblinnn

Renata is the primary carrier within the Bruiser TFT Worlds comp, equipped with Set 6.5 items like Morellonomicon, Blue Buff, Hand of Justice, Quicksilver, and Hextech Gunblade. Tahm Kench is the secondary carrier who can also transition nicely into a late-game legendary board. And Viktor can use many of the items on Renata Glasc, as can Kai’Sa. 

Some small 12.7 Worlds meta changes may take place via B-patch prior to the Gizmos & Gadgets World Championship. All best TFT comps will get updated should those changes impact the overall meta.