Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, King Shark, and Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League
Image via Rocksteady

All Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League voice actors and cast

The list is one for the history books.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is almost here, with the game set for early release on Jan. 30, and its official launch scheduled for Feb. 2. The game features a plethora of popular characters from the DC Universe portrayed by a stellar ensemble of voice actors.

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The game is set in the same universe as the Arkham series, with Batman being the titular character and main protagonist. The last AAA entry in the series, Batman: Arkham Knight, released in 2015, and Suicide Squad is set to continue the story, though it has transcended to a whole new level, to say the least.

In Suicide Squad, players play as four of the most renowned members of the group: Harley Quinn, Deadshot, King Shark, and Captain Boomerang. Task Force X is given a job to eliminate the Justice League, most of whom are possessed and controlled by Brainac. This setup opens the door for an incredible showdown, with many renowned voice actors taking on pivotal roles.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League cast list

The cast list mostly includes Suicide Squad and Justice League members, but there are also a few characters outside the two groups. These include government agent Amanda Waller, Gotham City’s crime baron The Penguin, and more. Here’s the full list so far.

Harley Quinn – Tara Strong

A screenshot of Harley Quinn from the Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League trailer
She’s the main star of the show. Image via Rocksteady Studios

The Suicide Squad has no leader, but if we had to pick a main character who stands out the most, it has to be Harley Quinn. In-game, she’s once again voiced by Tara Strong, who played the role in previous games in the Arkham series. Like always, Harley has a quirky sense of humor. She’s usually the most relaxed member of the group, and the hardest to control as a result.

Deadshot – Bumper Robinson

Deadshot looking at Batman.
Wonder how many times he’s going to claim he never misses. Image via Rocksteady Studios

Deadshot, a villain who never misses, is played by Bumper Robinson. The actor appeared in numerous superhero games before, voicing characters like Falcon, Cyborg, and War Machine, but until now, had never taken on the mantle of Deadshot. Still, with his vast voice-acting experience, we’re more than certain he’ll do Deadshot justice.

King Shark – Joe Seanoa

King Shark looking surprised.
Big boy is in the house. Image via Rocksteady Studios

It isn’t uncommon for former professional wrestlers to become renowned Hollywood actors, like Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson and John Cena. While Joe Seanoa doesn’t have that much experience in films or voice acting, the wrestler plays the role of arguably the beefiest character in Suicide Squad, King Shark. The popular Aquaman and Flash villain is a core member of the group, and appeared in other TV shows and movies featuring Task Force X.

Captain Boomerang – Daniel Lapaine

Captain Boomerang throwing his boomerang at an enemy.
A true Aussie in and out. Image via Rocksteady Studios

Last but not least, we have the fourth and latest Suicide Squad member, Captain Boomerang. The annoying yet hilarious Aussie is voiced by Daniel Lapaine, who has plenty of experience in films and TV. Suicide Squad is only his third stint in video games voice acting, after playing roles in Forza Horizon 3 and Dirt 3. Still, judging by the trailers, he brings Captain Boomerang’s eccentric Australian accent and oddball mentality to life.

Amanda Waller – Debra Wilson

Amanda Waller looking at the Suicide Squad.
The brain behind the whole operation. Image via Rocksteady Games

Amanda Waller needs no introduction for anyone who follows the DC universe. She’s an intimidating government agent at the helm of the whole Suicide Squad operation, giving orders and controlling Task Force X from behind the scenes. Debra Wilson plays her in Suicide Squad, and she’s no newcomer to the acting world. With dozens of films, TV shows, and video games roles on her CV, including Amanda Waller in Batman: The Enemy Within, she will undoubtedly kill it.

Batman – Kevin Conroy

Batman looking at Suicide Squad with red light shining upon him.
Thank you, Kevin. Image via Rocksteady Studios

For thousands of comic book and Batman fans, Suicide Squad will be a key part of DC history, as it bids farewell to a true icon of our generation, Kevin Conroy. The renowned voice actor made a name for himself through many roles, but most notably by voicing Batman for 30 years in Batman: The Animated Series, both Injustice games, and obviously the Arkham series. His role in Suicide Squad will be his last, as he sadly passed away on Nov. 10, 2022. In the upcoming title, the iconic hero is among the Justice League members controlled by Brainac.

The Flash – Scott Porter

Flash being held by Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth.
I can already imagine raging over not being able to hit him. Image via Rocksteady Games

So far, four superheroes have been shown in the trailers to be controlled by Brainac, and they’re set to be taken down by the Suicide Squad, with the Flash being one of them. The fastest man alive is played by Scott Porter, who is no newcomer to video games. He voiced Heimdall in God of War Ragnarok, Bucky Barnes in Marvel’s Avengers, and even already played Flash in a single episode of the TV series Harley Quinn. So, when it comes to being the fastest and expectedly the most annoying superhero to fight against, the Flash definitely comes out on top.

Wonder Woman – Susan Eisenberg

Wonder Woman talking to someone being interrogated by the Lasso of Truth.
The only one who’s seemingly left on the good side. Image via Rocksteady Studios

Unlike other Justice League members in Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman seems to be resistant to Brainac’s powers, as she’s on our side—at least so far. She’s brought to life by the best person for the role, Susan Eisenberg, who already played her in previous video games and TV shows featuring the superhero team.

Superman – Unknown

Superman angrily looking at someone.
Superman’s a villain, again. Image via Rocksteady Studios

Once again, the most powerful superhero of all time appears as a villain. Yes, Superman has a history of being on the dark side of DC stories, as he was the primary antagonist for the majority of both Injustice entries. While his voice actor isn’t yet known, and Superman hasn’t said a word in any of the Suicide Squad trailers, according to Wikipedia, he’s portrayed by Nolan North. Still, it’s best to wait for the game’s release for official confirmation.

Green Lantern – Unknown

Green Lantern levitating in the air.
For once, it’s John Stewart and not Hal Jordan. Image via Rocksteady Studios

Green Lantern’s voice actor isn’t officially confirmed yet, just like Superman. While we’re certain the John Stewart version of the character appears in the game, as many trailers showcase the Suicide Squad fighting him, there’s no confirmation so far on who takes on the role.

Poison Ivy – Darcy Rose Byrnes

Poison Ivy grabbing the Suicide Squad with her vines
Group hug! Image via Rocksteady Studios

Poison Ivy is an iconic Batman villain and Harley Quinn’s renowned sidekick. She appears in the previous Arkham series games, and she’s supposedly making a comeback in Suicide Squad, with the trailer serving as confirmation. We’re uncertain who plays her, but it’s reportedly Darcy Rose Byrnes, according to IMDB.

Gizmo – Rick Pasqualone

Gizmo talking to member of Suicide Squad.
A dwarf engineer? They make the best stuff. Image via Rocksteady Games

Many comic book fans may be unfamiliar with Gizmo. He’s a fairly unknown character with the ability to create various weapons and equipment parts. In Suicide Squad, it looks like he helps the team gear up with “insane vehicle creations,” according to the devs, and he’s voiced by Rick Pasqualone. The actor has plenty of experience in video games, most notably playing Vito Scaletta in the Mafia series.

Hack – Unknown

Hack looking at Suicide Squad.
We’ll have our own AI to guide us. Image via Rocksteady Studios

Hack is a digital ghost that aids the Suicide Squad in traversing Metropolis and fighting their enemies. That said, the voice actor behind this advanced AI remains a mystery so far.

Toyman – Unknown

Toyman handing a toy to Harley Quinn.
Looking at the colors, I suspect he’s French. Image via Rocksteady Studios

Toyman, like Gizmo, will be helping us gear up to face new threats. But, unlike the dwarf character, his voice actor hasn’t yet been confirmed.

The Penguin – Unknown

Penguin running away from the Suicide Squad.
Look, he even runs like a penguin. Image via Rocksteady Studios

Another villain who gets in the Suicide Squad’s way is The Penguin, Gotham’s crime boss. But, like many other characters, his voice actor remains unknown at this time.

Brainac – Unknown

Brainac ship levitating in the sky.
The big baddie of the game has a lot of mystery around him. Image via Rocksteady Studios

The list wouldn’t be complete without the main villain. While we know Brainac invades Earth and takes over its heroes, we’re not quite sure who voices him. That information will certainly be released once the game launches, however.

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