XQc temporarily banned from GTA V RP server NoPixel 3.0

Jean Paul is going on a cruise.

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/xQcOW

After breaking multiple server rules, popular Twitch streamer xQc has been temporarily banned from GTA V RP server NoPixel 3.0 for the second time.

Over the weekend, xQc utilized a glitch in the game to smuggle a weapon into the server’s police station and fire upon the officers inside. On top of this, the streamer was accused of stream sniping as well as “combat logging,” a term used for signing out during battle, during interactions with other streamers on the server.

During a recent stream, xQc revealed that his RP character Jean Paul would be going on a “cruise” while he waited out the duration of his ban.

XQc has since apologized for his actions, saying he was in the wrong and apologizing to anyone that was affected.

“I apologize to the parties that I did this too even though they ended up winning anyways,” xQc said. “The admins, all the RPers that had to look at the failed RP and the storyline that got broken I’m generally sorry about that. I clearly wasn’t thinking about collateral, I wasn’t thinking about what I was doing in the first place.”

While he did own up to his actions, xQc did attribute his stream sniping and combat logging to retaliation, claiming that the players had unfairly targeted him. 

Although he is banned from the NoPixel server, xQc continued to stream GTA V—this time on an alternative roleplay server. 

While xQc has said his character will only be on the cruise for around three days, it isn’t clear exactly how long xQc’s ban from NoPixel will last.