XQc slammed for reacting to Israeli airstrikes live on stream

xQc is courting controversy once again.

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Screenshot by Dot Esports | Via Twitch

XQc is being slammed on Twitter for reacting to a deadly Israeli airstrike on Gaza in a livestream. Content creator Noodle shed light on this by sharing a clip of his YouTube channel on Twitter on Nov.1, and it’s now spreading through social media like wildfire.

In a Twitch livestream from Oct. 7, xQc watched a video from The Guardian showing an Israeli bombing in Gaza done in response to the surprise attack by Hamas, the governing body of Gaza, that same day.

“That’s a f*cking disaster,” xQc commented to the video, seemingly shocked. He looked for more information on the matter, and then went on reacting to unrelated trendy videos. That moment was clipped and posted in xQc’s dedicated clips channel and counts over 57,000 views at the time of writing.

Noodle shared a screenshot of the clip titled ‘xQc reacts to Israeli Aistrike hits Gaza Tower after Hamas Attack’ and called him a “scumfuck degenerate content parasite” in a tweet that has garnered over 119,000 likes at the time of writing.

XQc’s response was to simply post a picture of him with bundles of cash without any further comment. On Nov. 2, however, he reacted to the tweet in a Twitch livestream.

He said his response was deliberately “the cringiest flex possible” to make Noodle upset. “He just wants to create outrage so I’m gonna feed it to him,” he said in the livestream. “You cannot argue with people like that.”

The total death toll of the heightened Irsael-Palestine conflict has recently surpassed 8,000, and with world leaders pledging their full support to Israel despite the high civilian death-toll caused by its airstrikes, shows no sign of slowing down.

“Him treating this like just another thing to react to trivializes the real horror of what’s happening, desensitizing his audience and leading to apathy,” commented Noodle in a Twitter reply.

XQc argued the user targeted him because he was “the easiest target this days” and that multiple other content creators reacted to the ongoing crisis, “milking the fuck out of it.” He added he didn’t only react to the video, but also watched informative content on the matter in later livestreams (on Oct. 9 and 28).

The Canadian creator often stirs controversy for his content, which can be sensationalist or on the line with rules of streaming platforms. This time, however, this has hit yet another nerve due to the sensitive matter it’s related to.

The conflict between Israeli and Palestine is a major humanitarian crisis that sparked debate all over the world, and players are finding ways to make their voices heard through video games, too.

In October, several digital marches were hosted by Roblox players to show their support to Palestinians. Many streamers also shed light on the matter, and some have hosted charity livestreams to encourage fans donating to humanitarian funds, like Cerberos VA who collected donations for the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund on Nov. 1.


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