XQc reacts to ASMR meta streamers receiving 3-day suspensions: ‘That makes no f****** sense at all’

“Dude, same offense five times in three months, and a three-day?"

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/xQcOW

After finding out that Twitch had banned streamers Amoranth and Indifoxx for only three days for their involvement in the ASMR meta, fellow streamer xQc expressed his frustration on stream.

When reacting to a post regarding the pairs unbanning on his stream xQc explained that the issue stemmed not from the streamers themselves, but instead from the moderation staff at Twitch.

“Dude, same offense five times in three months, and a three-day [ban]?” xQc said. “After repeating the same offense two times, I thought I was going to get perma’d. Honestly, I had the word perma over my head for months for something I did like eight months ago and after five times, they get a three-day? That makes no fucking sense at all.”

XQc hasn’t been the only streamer to echo that sentiment. Earlier today, Alinity shared her thoughts on the situation and explained that even with her experience of accidentally violating the sexual content policy, three days isn’t enough to make any change.

Alinity also raised the point that three violations for breaking the platform’s DMCA policy will result in permanent suspension, but breaking other rules, including the sexual content policy, doesn’t result in the same punishment.

As of right now, Twitch has not addressed the ASMR meta or these recent bans directly.  The platform does seem to have taken a stance against the content as it was relatively quick to act and suspend two popular creators.