xQc confirms plans for subathon, will cap stream at 90 days

The streamer claims planning is under way.

Screengrab via 100 Thieves

Twitch superstar xQc confirmed his highly-anticipated subathon, providing some details regarding the event as well as how long it may last.

Earlier in 2021, xQc hinted at his first subathon that aimed to surpass Ludwig’s record-breaking stream. Despite delaying it multiple times, xQc promises the awaited stream will be happening soon, with the planning process being underway to provide some unique content along with his regular streams.

“Believe it or not boys, I was setting up stuff for the subathon. I’m actually very excited to tell you that I’m pulling the trigger,” xQc announced on a March 21 broadcast. “I’m starting to buy stuff for it and investing some time and money into making it come alive.”

The French-Canadian streamer admitted to his audience that while his extended stream is imminent, planning will likely still take some time. xQc explained he wants to put on several events throughout the course of the subathon in order to keep the stream energized.

“I want to run at least two or three big events per week,” the former OWL pro said, “Like, one every two days, a big event, and then small events almost every day.” xQc hinted that these events could include community servers for GTA, Rust, subscriber games, giveaways, and ‘mini-tournaments,’ though this is likely not his exhaustive list.

The popular streamer also said he plans on putting a hard cap on the stream, stopping it at the 90-day mark no matter what. Given the size of xQc’s channel and his immense popularity and viewership, it is incredibly likely that he streams for the full 90 days, easily breaking the current record for time streamed if this is the case.

xQc has yet to give an official date for the subathon, but fans can expect it in the near future as it seems planning is well underway.