Xbox adds Twitch streaming integration to consoles

Players can now stream gameplay without the use of a third-party app.

Photo via Constantin Wiedemann / Flickr

In a recent update, Xbox will allow players to stream directly to Twitch from the guide menu on their consoles.

Xbox Insiders from the Alpha-Skip Ahead ring will be able to test out the feature in an update that hit the Insiders’ consoles today. They can try out livestreaming straight to Twitch by going to the “Capture and Share” tab and choosing “Live streaming.”

Streamers will then need to link their Xbox account to their Twitch account using the console settings. Once the account is linked, streamers can hit the “Go live now” button to start streaming their gameplay to Twitch. If a streamer stops their gameplay and goes to another app or to the home screen, viewers will see a pause screen.

There’s no clarification on whether voice is able to be transmitted through the streaming service, or if it only records gameplay and nothing else. But this setting offers streamers a more streamlined way to broadcast live to their viewership. Before, the Twitch app had to be downloaded to stream from Xbox consoles.

In case there are issues with livestreaming, Xbox has included a list of known issues and workarounds for those issues, as listed on the Xbox Insider Alpha-Skip Ahead release notes.

Also included in this update is the ability to play Xbox Series X/S titles on Xbox One consoles via the cloud.