Who is Fuslie? Everything you need to know about Twitch’s veteran livestreamer

Fuslie's streaming history, set-up, and more, explained.

Leslie Ann “Fuslie” Fu is among the longest running livestreamers on Twitch, amassing over 1.2 million followers in her content creation career. Throughout her lengthy tenure in livestreaming, Fuslie has hit countless milestones and made massive career shifts, though always managed to maintain her status as one of Twitch’s premier creators.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in biology at the University of California, Fuslie briefly pursued graduate school before dropping out to pursue full-time streaming in 2015.

In her early days of dedicated livestreaming, Fuslie streamed for multiple esports organizations, including the likes of Immortals and Pheonix1, though remained independent after relatively short stints with both organizations.

In 2018, Fuslie gained significant notriety after hosting an event called Streamer Camp alongside fellow content creator BoxBox. Aimed at aiding growth for up-and-coming livestreamers, the success of the initial event saw the two repeat Streamer Camp later in 2019. An active advocate for higher education, Fuslie also partnered with the North American Scholastic Esports Federation to give away ovr $25,000 in scholarships and grants.

Gaining a significant following for her League of Legends gameplay, Fuslie saw significant growth during the rise of Among Us and VALORANT on Twitch. In 2020, Fuslie signed an exclusive streaming contract with her longtime platform Twitch, while many of her closest streaming companions begin to gradually shift to YouTube.

Only one year later, Fuslie signed with her third organization, 100 Thieves, where she still remains as one of the organzation’s most prominent content creators.

Fuslie, at a glance

Photo via Fuslie on Instagram
  • Real Name: Leslie Ann Fu
  • Age: 29
  • Birthday: Nov. 23, 1992
  • Nationality: American
  • Partner: N/A
  • Awards: None
  • Organizations: 100 Thieves
    • Formerly Immortals, Pheonix1

What games does Fuslie play?

Fuslie first gained her audience through her avid League of Legends gameplay, though has developed into far more of a variety streamer in recent years. During the height of Among Us and Fall Guys, Fuslie played with a cast of fellow streamers.

The Twitch streamer still most actively plays VALORANT with the likes of Valkyrae, Sykkuno, Tarik, Toast, and more, though still prioritizes variety and trending games.

Fuslie’s streaming set-up

  • Microphone: Electro Voice RE-20
  • Microphone Stand: PSA 1 microphone stand by Rode
  • Webcam: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3K 
  • Mouse: HyperX Pulsefire FPS
  • Keyboard: HyperX Alloy Origins
  • Headset: HyperX Cloud Mix
  • Monitor: Asus VG248QE 24”
  • Chair: DXracer gaming chair

How much does Fuslie make?

It is unclear exactly how much Fuslie makes from her content, but given her current approximate subscriber coat Fuslie could make up to $14,000 per month. Like most streamers, Fuslie has multiple streams of reveune, ranging from merchandise, personal sponsorships, donations, subscribers, advertisment reveune, and more.

Fuslie also has multiple contracts which could provide significant modes of reveune. Fuslie is still signed as an exclusive Twitch streamer and has been signed by 100 Thieves since 2021, though how much these contracts are worth has not been revealed.

Where is Fuslie from?

Fuslie was born in the San Francisco Bay Area, California in 1992 and has largely remained in California for much of her streaming career. Currently, Fuslie lives in Los Angeles, California, where both 100 Thieves’ headquarters and many of her streaming friends also live. Fuslie has taken multiple trips out of the country and streamed travel content, however still primarily resides in Los Angeles.

Why is Fuslie so popular on Twitch?

Fuslie gained her initial popularity through her consistent League of Legends streams, which offered a mixture of skilled and entertaining gameplay. Fuslie has grown her Twitch channel to its current state through regular collaboration and adhereance to popular Twitch trends. This is best seen through the growth her channel experienced during Among Us’ height on Twitch, as her channel grew immensely through collaborative streams.

Aside from these factors, Fuslie has also hosted successful events of her own design which has brought both herself and others attention. Fuslie and BoxBox’s Streamer Camp was a widely viewed event which featured many of Twitch’s up-and-coming streamers, its success even warranting a second iteration of the event.

Fuslie has remained popular in large thanks to her frequent collaboration and continually innovative streams.

Fuslie’s most popular Twitch clip

Fuslie’s most viewed Twitch clip, which reached over 225,000 views, involves her recounting a story from a 2022 OTV party. The livestreamer states that she realized her room became the afterparty hangout following a party hosted by OfflineTV.

She states that while she wanted the guests to leave, she did not want to appear rude or kick anyone out. Fellow streamer and OTK co-founder Mizkif allegedly sensed her discomfort and asked everyone to leave on her behalf.

So, what’s next for Fuslie?

Fans can likely expect Fuslie to continue her regular streams and content creation for the forseeable future, as the livestreamer has only continued to experience considerable growth in the past two years. Fuslie is also likely to remain a core member of 100 Thieves as the organization continues to welcome in more content creators.