What does ‘monkaS’ mean on Twitch?

Don't be scared.

Image via Twitch

Twitch chats are the babysitting service of the next generation.

The chat windows next to anybody’s Twitch stream can be scary, especially for new users or those who aren’t fluent in Twitch speak, internet meme language, or emotes.

Sometimes, Twitch chats will explode into emote spam. And other times, those emotes only show up in the chat window as words. This is likely because the emote is available outside of Twitch and seen via a browser extension called BetterTwitchTV or FrankerFaceZ.

If you’ve been in Twitch chats at all recently, you most likely have seen someone, or many people, typing the word “monkaS.”

Here’s what monkaS means in Twitch chat.

What does monkaS mean on Twitch?

Image via BetterTwitchTV

When someone types “monkaS,” they are using a BetterTwitchTV emote depicting Pepe the frog looking nervous and sweating. The monkaS emote stands for scared or sweating, and is used to convey nervousness during a Twitch stream.

Chat users will post this emote when they are scared or nervous, or if a streamer is playing a scary game. If monkaS is being spammed, then it might be time to be scared.

The emote was originally uploaded way back in 2016 by a user named Monkasen, or MonkaSenpai, so that’s where the prefix for the emote comes from.