Twitch teases streamers, viewers with Golden Kappa emote

"Obviously something's going on."

Image via Twitch

Twitch has something going on next month—and yesterday, the platform used the notorious “Golden Kappa” emote to tease whatever it is. 

In a post made on Twitter yesterday afternoon, Twitch shared a video of some Illuminati-esque images followed by a dancing Golden Kappa. 

“There’s a place where all the Kappas are golden,” the video’s text reads. 

At the end of the 15-second video, there was a quick cut to a scene that said “11.14,” suggesting that this Golden Kappa business will be more easily understood in just a few weeks on Nov. 14. 

Golden Kappa has long been considered one of the crowning emotes on Twitch. While anyone can type Kappa in a Twitch chat, occasionally, Twitch has been known to make it so that certain accounts randomly emote a golden version of it instead of the standard black and white version.

The Kappa emote is often seen as a way to convey sarcasm, irony, or just general trolling on Twitch. For instance, if a streamer is struggling to beat a game and a viewer feels like being playful, they might say “I beat this level when I was eight years old,” followed by the Kappa emote. 

Twitch’s post on Twitter yesterday came after the floodgates opened on the platform. The once rare and elusive Golden Kappa emote was usable by everyone for a period of time. It left many streamers baffled, but overall, people seemed to be having good fun with it.

“Can you guys stop typing Kappa please? Stop,” TimTheTatman said jokingly. “We understand that they’re golden. Obviously something’s going on, alright. Stop it.”

Erobb221 personally took a few moments to investigate when he noticed a lot of Golden Kappa spam in his chat. And he found that practically every channel on Twitch he visited was being bombarded with the emote. 

While it seemed fun to some, others, like Tyler1, weren’t as interested in joining in on the Golden Kappa spam.

“This shit’s not even readable,” Tyler1 said. “It’s not even bearable. It’s just dumb shit. Yo, mods ban Kappa. I’m sorry… Everything I say you’re just spamming it. I can’t even read my fucking chat. It’s pissing me off.”

Outside of the video Twitch posted yesterday, there’s no indication what this teaser might be leading to. But for the time being, Kappa has returned to its original black-and-white state for all users.