Twitch streamer banned after allegedly hurling abuse and threatening child on stream

The community is calling for law enforcement to step in.

Image via Twitch

Twitch has taken action against a streamer who allegedly threatened a child during a stream on Feb. 15.

In a clip that was first posted to Twitter before gaining traction on the LivestreamFail subreddit, the streamer “KillaMFCam” can be heard hurling abuse and threatening someone in the background of his stream.

Frizzable, the Twitter user who posted the clip, said he had just been in a game of Escape from Tarkov with the streamer and eliminated him, which triggered his rage-induced reaction on stream.

“He banned me before I could even say GGs, so I stuck around to see his temper tantrum and watched this,” Frizzable said. “Had to get a friend to help me download the VOD since I was banned.”

The streamer has since come out and claimed that the video circling the web has been edited and that the abuse that can be heard was aimed at his dog, not his child.

After the clip was widely shared, Twitch acted quickly to ban the streamer’s account. As per usual with Twitch bans, the platform is yet to comment on the situation and it remains unclear how long the ban will last.