TimTheTatman talks to Ashes of Creation’s Steven Sharif on stream

Tim wants in.

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/timthetatman

There’s a new massively multiplayer online game in development right now looking to shake up the scene. And even though the game is still in the early stages of alpha testing, it’s been getting a lot of attention lately. One of its devs even talked to TimTheTatman today on stream.

Intrepid Studios’ Ashes of Creation is looking to change the MMO game. In recent weeks, its creative director has made various appearances on streams, even doing his own AMA a few days ago.

While TimTheTatman is primarily known for his content creation as a shooting game and battle royale player, he has a deep passion for immersive MMO games, despite them not being particularly good for his stream’s viewership.

With a plethora of experience casually playing World of Warcraft, TimTheTatman is representative of your typical gamer who might not be interested in “min-maxing” an MMO, but instead just having a good time. 

During his stream this morning, Tim went back and forth with Sharif through some direct messages during the “Just Chatting” segment of his stream before Sharif suggested that he could come onto the stream and talk about Ashes of Creation live.

Over the course of about an hour, Tim peppered Sharif with questions any casual fan might want to know. But by the end, one thing was certain: Tim wants a taste of this game.

“I know for a lot of you it’s like, ‘Fortnite, poggers, Warzone, BR,’” he said. “Listen, just shut up, and just watch me play this game bro. Alright? Thank you. I don’t want any complaints when I’m playing this game in the future. I want you to say, ‘OK Tim smile.’ and just watch me. This game looks awesome.”

Sharif also gave Tim video clips of Ashes of Creation gameplay that he could show on his screen during the interview. 

While there wasn’t much in the way of new information dished out about the game, the reach of Tim’s channel to an audience that isn’t heavily centered around MMO gameplay certainly provided value to Sharif as he continues to promote the game. 

During the one hour and 15 minute Ashes of Creation portion of his stream today, Tim averaged 37,173 viewers and peaked at 39,115, according to Twitch statistics website SullyGnome. The figures were almost identical to the viewership he had while playing Warzone later in his stream.