The best GTA V RP servers and how you can join

It's time to act your heart out.
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GTA V’s multiplayer portion is an excellent place to come together with friends. From racing to simply doing missions, the possibilities are endless, and a tiny bit of imagination completely reshapes GTA V’s multiplayer experience.

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Role-playing (RP) is one of the most fun ways of enjoying GTA V after you’re done with the story mode. There are even players who buy the game just for the RP experience since it’s also been quite popular among Twitch streamers. No one will want to miss the chance of interacting with their favorite streamer in an RP session, but you’ll need to channel your inner Di Caprio to stick around.

You’ll need to act your heart out to be one with the flow. Most RP servers come with their own set of rules that you must comply with. Going rogue might get you kicked or banned from the servers, and the best servers are already tougher to get into.

Here are the best GTA V RP servers and how you can join them.

How can you join an RP server in GTA V?

Joining an RP server can prove to be a difficult challenge, especially for first-timers. Each server operates with its own set of modes, and you’ll need to download them to get in. Alongside acquiring all the required mods, there are third-party tools that you’ll be using to get into the RP servers.

FiveM and RageMP are two of the most well-known multiplayer modes. These tools allow players to join customized dedicated servers, and you’ll need at least one of them to join a high-ranked RP server. You’ll need to visit a server’s website or social media to see if you need FiveM or RageMP since some servers will only show up on one of them. You can either search for the server of your choice on these programs or go to the servers’ official sites and join through there with their IP addresses.

To download FiveM:

  • Make sure that your copy of GTA V is up to date before installing FiveM.
  • Navigate to FiveM’s official website.
  • Click on “Download client.”
  • The terms of service will pop up after choosing download, and you’ll need to agree to continue the process.
  • Launch the executable FiveM file to start the installation.
    • The launcher may take a few minutes to update itself to the latest version.
  • Make sure to install FiveM to the same drive where you store your GTA V files to avoid any errors that may arise due to inconsistencies.
  • After setting up FiveM, it’ll automatically try to locate your GTA V installation, and you can also choose manually.
  • Once you complete this process, FiveM will ask your permission to update your game cache, and you’ll need to allow it to finish setting it up.
  • You’ll be able to launch FiveM after the installation process, and you can bring up the server list by clicking on “Play.”

To install RageMP:
  • Head over to RageMP’s official website
  • Run the installer and set up RageMP on the same drive as your copy of GTA V.
  • Once the installation process ends, a server list should pop up on your screen, and you’ll be able to click on any of them to join.
    • If RageMP fails to detect your GTA V installation, you should be prompted with an error, and you’ll be asked to manually select your installation folder before you can join a server.

What are the best RP servers in GTA V?


Screengrab via NoPixel

NoPixel is where you’ll find all the top names on Twitch. LIRIK, shroud, PENTA, and many others are frequent visitors of the server, making it the most popular RP server for fans that would like to role play next to their favorite content creators.

Getting inside isn’t an easy feat, however, since you’ll need to be whitelisted. Though the server stops taking more applications from time to time due to demand, you’ll need to fill out a form to show whether you’re a decent fit for the server.

You can also get whitelisted by contributing to the server through donations. The donator whitelisting is always active even when the server’s loaded with applications, meaning you can consider chipping in to play with streamers and to support the creators.

Eclipse RP

Screengrab via Eclipse RP

Eclipse RP is another household name within the GTA V RP community. Though you won’t find many content creators lurking around the streets of Eclipse RP, you’ll still need to wait a while to get approved to the server due to the high number of applications.

Eclipse RP only hosts 200 players at a time, and it has one of the clearest guidelines. Make sure to read Eclipse RP’s forum, alongside their guidelines. You’ll find detailed explanations of all the factions and the roles you can claim on the server in the servers, helping you fit in faster.

The Family RP

Screengrab via The Family RP

If you’re looking for a more serious experience in terms of role-playing, The Family RP might be worth a try. Compared to other entries on our list, The Family RP features players who take role-playing to heart.

You’ll need to link your Steam, Discord, and optionally your Twitch in your application to the server. From joining a crime family to becoming a part of a successful business, the options will feel limitless in The Family RP.

GTA World

Screengrab via GTA World

While voice acting is a key factor that makes role-playing more fun, some players won’t feel as comfortable as others when it comes to chatting with random strangers. A microphone isn’t always necessary to become a part of an RP server, and you can easily fit into text-based RP servers like GTA World.

There are more than 30 active factions in the server, and the production value that goes into the server is simply enough by itself to make GTA World a solid contender.

MafiaCity GTA RP

Screengrab via MafiaCity GTA RP

MafiaCity GTA RP is another server that has pretty much everything figured out. There are active factions to choose from and multiple options to consider when it comes to your career. You can become the most formidable criminal that the server has seen or spend your time-saving life by putting out fires.

This server is hosted on the RageMP, meaning NPCs will be less of a factor in terms of gameplay. RageMP servers can remove all the NPCs from the game, increasing the overall interaction amongst players. 


Screengrab via LucidCityRP

Considering it may take a while to get a response from the most popular RP servers, you’ll need an alternative to sharpen your RP skills and pass the time. This doesn’t mean that LucidCityRP is a worse server than the others, however.

LucidCityRP is generally more welcoming to new players. There’s a constant flow of new faces which can create some interesting sights. Everything can suddenly go sideways if a player decides to rogue, but it’s part of what makes LucidCityRP great.

The server boasts the core features of NoPixel and sweetens the pot with its own inclusions like Cayo Perico from the original GTA Online.

Check out the server lists

While these are some of the most popular GTA V servers out there, it’s still possible to find hidden gems on the server list. If you don’t want to deal with applications, your best bet will be hopping onto a server that has room and jumping right into the action. 

There will also be rules on such servers, but not many players will take their time to read them. Despite sounding bad, this increases the unpredictability of these servers, turning joining them into a blast.

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