What is GTA V roleplay?

GTA's answer to Goldshire.

Image via Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto V roleplay is the Twitch sensation that everyone’s talking about.

Rockstar Games’ classic shoot ‘em up is a game defined by carnage, high-speed car chases, and free-for-all murder. It’s hectic and it’s tons of fun—especially when online comes into play.

GTA roleplay takes the game to an entirely new level, though. It’s essentially World of Warcraft meets GTA. There’s no beloved Goldshire, but there are sports cars, automatic weapons, and helicopters. It’s mayhem and almost anything goes.

If you have access to the online version of GTA, you’ll have the option to install the roleplay mod and join the game as a regular NPC—as opposed to any of the main characters.

You could spawn into the server as a criminal mastermind or leader of a notorious gang. But you could just as easily become something as mundane as a chauffeur or even a milkman.

Each GTA roleplay server is different, but some are more strict than others. You have to play by the rules and stick to your assigned role.

There’s no time to think up a sentence, like WoW. With GTA roleplay, you have to take advantage of your acting skills, use your microphone, and improvise.

It’s an experience that can be enjoyed alone, but it’s much more entertaining and engaging with a couple of friends by your side. It’s a blast, and if you happen to own a copy of GTA V, it’s well worth playing.

Installing and playing GTA roleplay depends entirely on the server. The most popular server at the moment is FiveM. To download the mod, head to their website and follow their instructions.

A few other popular servers include NoPixel, Eclipse RP, GTA World, and Mafia City, but there are many more to choose from.