Sykkuno set to return to streaming today following move to Las Vegas

That was fast.

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He’s only been gone for a few days, but for those who have been missing him, Sykkuno is already back. 

Earlier this week, Sykkuno, who is among the most-watched Rust streamers on Twitch, told fans he was going to be taking a few days off as he moved to Las Vegas.

It appears that the move hasn’t taken up too much of his time, however. After a two-day break following a seven-hour stream on Thursday, he suggested that he might go live today.

In a post on Twitter, popular YouTube Gaming streamer Valkyrae announced that she would be playing the oceanic multiplayer survival game Raft with Sykkuno and Disguised Toast, among others.

Meanwhile, a clip from another Twitch stream showed that Sykkuno has already taken a little bit of time to play Rust offline. In the clip, Ray__C wishes Sykkuno luck with his move, to which Sykkuno says that the move is “going pretty well.”

Sykkuno added that he “might be back on it tomorrow or something.”

Despite taking a few days to move, Sykkuno is still among the top 20 most-watched channels in the past two weeks, following the start of 2021, according to Twitch stat tracker Sully Gnome.

His more than three million hours watched over 58 hours of streaming puts him in the same stratosphere as streamers like NickMercs and ludwig.

Meanwhile his average viewership is notably higher than popular content creators like Shroud, Pokimane, and HasanAbi.