Sodapoppin and Reckful’s VODs to be stored on server following Twitch DMCA takedowns

The VODs could possibly be uploaded to YouTube as an archive.

Screengrab via Reckful

Due to the recent copyright enforcement by Twitch forcing streamers to remove their old VODs and clips, some of Twitch’s biggest streamers have moved to create an archive for this content before it’s gone.

During a recent stream, content creators Nmplol and Malena shared that they’ve stored all of Sodapoppin’s VODs on a server from every stream since 2018 and select streams from 2017, as well as the VODs the streamers both had saved of popular clips from their channels.

Malena said these VODs could possibly end up in an archive on YouTube. But she added that it wouldn’t be possible to monetize them since they contain copyrighted material.

She also said they’re in the process of saving all the VODs from late streamer Reckful’s channel to the server to have them in case they’re taken down from Twitch.

Reckful passed away earlier this year. Since then, his channel has played reruns of some of his most popular VODs. With copyright enforcement being taken against old content on Twitch, though, it’s unclear if this will continue on Reckful’s channel.

“We don’t know who owns the current archives and we don’t want them to get lost,” Malena said.

These measures come following hundreds of Twitch partners receiving DMCA takedown warnings for using copyrighted music on stream. These warnings were not only dealt to those who used music in a recent stream, though. They also concerned music used in any past streams that were still stored on the user’s channel.

The warning suggested that streamers should take some time to learn about the law behind copyright and correctly manage the content on their channel by removing anything that could breach this law.