Popular YouTuber Eugenia Cooney has been banned from Twitch

The content creator has been banned.

Image via Twitch

Eugenia Cooney received her first ban on Twitch today, according to StreamerBans.

Cooney has been a controversial figure across nearly every platform she’s been on. The content creator has long been criticized for promoting unhealthy eating habits, only recently recognizing her eating disorder.

The YouTuber first began streaming on Twitch in 2018, primarily playing League of Legends and VALORANT but is known most for her Just Chatting streams.

The ban is not indefinite, though. CommandRoot found that Cooney is only temporarily suspended due to a TOS violation. The popular content creator also hasn’t lost her partnership, which means that her offense, though unknown, was not egregious enough to cause her to lose her status on Twitch.

Neither Cooney nor Twitch has commented on the reason for the sudden ban or given any indication of how long she’ll remain suspended from the platform. Several Twitter users in the replies to StreamerBans’ tweet claim that Cooney showed partial nudity in recent streams. Since that goes against Twitch’s TOS, this could have been the reason Cooney was banned from the platform and the suspension would likely span around the time frame of one week.

Others have claimed that her controversy regarding her supposed promotion of eating disorders could be the reason for her ban, though this is not an explicit violation of the Twitch TOS. Still a divisive figure as ever, Cooney’s ban has brought plenty of discourse with it, both in support and opposition to the content creator. Though Cooney has yet to respond to the ban, we can likely expect her channel to be back up in the relative future.