MOONMOON shares plan to host quarterly Game Jams with the help of Twitch

Another way to give back to his community.

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Veteran Twitch streamer MOONMOON’s Game Jam may become a more frequent occurrence, with Twitch potentially coming on board to support hosting the event on a quarterly basis.

During a recent stream, MOONMOON explained that as part of a new contract he was in the process of negotiating, Twitch would be helping out with the prize pool for the event.

“It’s going to be a quarterly thing,” MOONMOON said. “I’m aiming for $30,000 for chat’s choice and my choice, but the base prize pool for the quarterly Game Jam I believe is going to be $20,000 total.”

MOONMOON’s game-making competition, dubbed the MoonJam, is a competition that gives game developers a set of rules and a short timeframe to turn around a game which the streamer will try out on stream and award part of the prize pool to the best submissions. In the past, MOONMOON has funded the prizes himself, but now Twitch might lend a helping hand.

The streamer hopes that this money can help out the winners with student loans they may have or other expenses associated with their pursuit of video game design. 

With this news, MOONMOON explained shared further information regarding his new contract with Twitch that will see the streamer run three minutes of ads every hour. This isn’t an uncommon thing for creators to do and as he explained, three minutes is a shorter duration than some. For subscribers, this change won’t make any difference since being a subscriber removes ads from a broadcast.

Right now, MOONMOON said he hasn’t signed the contract yet, nor has he shared the date for when the next MoonJam will be. You can check out the submissions for 2020’s event here