Mixer viewers can now make clips on partnered streams

Making clips is a huge part of streaming culture.

Image via Mixer

Mixer has made another big step into improving its streaming platform by finally allowing viewers to make stream clips, the company announced yesterday. The catch is that only partnered streamers have the ability to activate clips on their stream right now.

Additionally, clipping abilities can be limited by broadcasters. They can, for example, enable a channel progression rank limit, which will only give regular viewers of their channel the ability to make clips from their stream. Mixer said that it “[believes] in giving partners more control of their community,” so that broadcasters can make sure people don’t make “out-of-context or low-quality clips.”

Clips on Mixer can be trimmed to a minimum of 15 seconds and a maximum of 60 seconds. This helps the people creating clips focus on the action right away instead of having to guess around what time they need to press the clip button.

Although this is a good step for Mixer, the platform still needs to make a few more adjustments if it wants to catch up to Twitch in terms of clipmaking. The next step the platform should take is to make clipping available for all streamers, partnered and non-partnered.

Clips are a great way for smaller streamers to get noticed by the general streaming community and can help them gain new viewers as a result. Clipping could also be a huge part of marketing for Mixer as a whole if people share funny Mixer clips across social media.