Mixer responds to former employee who accused management of racism

The former employee claims a manager referred to Mixer partners as "slaves."

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Image via Microsoft

Former Mixer employee Milan Lee alleged yesterday that the company’s management made various racist comments, including referring to partners as “slaves.” And Mixer responded.

The company addressed Lee’s claims last night, asserting its goal is to build a “positive, welcoming, and inclusive team and community.” The fact that Lee wasn’t provided those basic tenets was “unacceptable,” Mixer added.

“We’ll be vigilant in addressing this more diligently in the future,” the company said.

Lee claims he was pulled aside and told he was hired because he’s “street smart.” The former employee also alleges that a manager referred to themselves as a “slavemaster” during a meeting, claiming to “own” the Mixer partners and their content.

While Lee resigned, he still spoke with the legal team to investigate the manager. But she was ultimately found “not guilty.”

Many Mixer streamers have come to the support of Lee, refusing to stream on Microsoft’s platform until the issue is rectified.

Mixer denounced “racism and injustice” following George Floyd’s unwarranted death at the hands of a police officer last month. While the company claims it will address racism more diligently in the future, many are asking for “action now.”