Minecraft YouTuber and streamer Dream denies racism accusations

"The people who originally spread this obviously know it's fake and are trolling."

Image via Mojang

The extremely popular Minecraft YouTuber and streamer Dream has been accused of using a racial slur in a clip reportedly taken in 2017.

In the 12-second clip, two individuals can be heard having a discussion where both players use a racial slur. Some claimed Dream is one of the voice, although he has denied the accusation. He said he never used the username in the clip and did not use the name Dream until 2019.

After sharing the initial video, the account that shared it also posted a series of screenshots that show a player using racial slurs in text chat on Minecraft. In the screenshots, the player’s username is DreamOnPvp, which the poster claims is an old account of Dream’s.

Not long after Dream released his statemen, the Twitter user who posted the clip challenged Dream to prove it wasn’t him before admitting himself that he could neither prove that it was Dream in the clip.

These accusations come just days after Dream’s community was criticized for creating fake screenshots of fellow streamer Kaceytron in retaliation for her criticism of the fanbase.

The faked screenshots began surfacing after Kaceytron had raised concerns with Dream regarding harassment she had received while playing Minecraft that was believed came from his community.