Justin Wong relives historic Evo moments on Twitch

Justin Wong gets a 2004 flashback.

Professional fighting game player and Twitch streamer Justin Wong relived one of the most famous moments from Evo history on stream. Playing Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, Justin Wong faced almost the exact same scenario he did almost 18 years ago.

Playing the classic Chun-Li vs. Ken matchup, Justin Wong had taken his opponent to the edge of defeat, only a single blow away. Wong looked to finish Ken off with Chun-Li’s special ability, Hyakuretsu Kyaku, which can easily take down even a full health opponent. Though as Justin Wong began to set up the attack, instead of fleeing his enemy moved closer.

“Oh, you think he’s got it? Do you think he’s Daigo? You ain’t Diago,” Justin Wong referenced his most famous professional match against the Japanese phenom. After Ken blocked the first strike, Wong’s tone shifted dramatically. “Oh, he’s Daigo! He’s Daigo!” Wong incredulously yelled as the opposing player blocked the combo perfectly.

Even being KO’ed after the chain of blocks and one final hit, Wong lost the round in the exact same fashion he did Evo 2004.

“That wasn’t scripted! That wasn’t scripted,” the FGC pro insisted. “He Daigo’ed me!”

Almost instantly remembering the play, the clip was a testament to the iconic moment in esports history. Even after all these years, Justin Wong remembered and relived the moment that made hundreds of fans erupt in applause.