Ironmouse mocks NFTs while watching a ‘metaversey’ online art auction

"This is creepy!"

Ironmouse NFTs

The gaming community has a love-hate relationship about the number of NFTs entering the space, and VTuber Ironmouse is the latest content creator to make her feelings on the topic clear.

In a recent stream, Ironmouse decided to watch an informative stream about an NFT art gallery concept. The virtual gallery featured works by Ken “Anchorball” Kelleher, with the host and guest discussing the art gallery existing within the metaverse and featuring NFT artwork.

When Ironmouse heard that she was witnessing an NFT art gallery, she started to cry out in agony, the yells echoing dramatically. But Ironmouse lost it completely when Spatial Co-Founder Anand Agarawala said it doesn’t get “more metaversey” than a “pixelated dog” art piece.

“They just keep repeating the word ‘metaverse’ and saying it’s ‘metaversey.’ A pixelated dog? It’s so metaversey. What does this even mean? What are they saying,” Ironmouse said.

Ironmouse then made fun of the NFT itself, which appeared to be a pink pixelated dog in a very simplistic background reminiscent of an old Nintendo 64 game.

“Guys, check out this amazing art piece, a pixelated dog. I paid $2 million for it. Pixelated dog” Ironmouse said.

Streamers discuss NFTs in the gaming space

Ironmouse isn’t the first content creator to bash the concept of NFTs. The most common NFTs at the moment are art pieces that can be purchased on the blockchain.

World of Warcraft streamer Asmongold has continuously been vocal about his disdain for NFTs. He said he never feels bad for people who lose money on crypto and NFTs because they’re “betting on nothing.”

XQc has also mocked NFTs, even saying in the past that it was “fun” to turn down a multi-million dollar NFT sponsorship. Pokimane has called influencers “cringe” for getting on the NFT bandwagon.