‘I’m banned’: IShowSpeed says goodbye after controversial YouTube stream

IShowSpeed grinds to a halt... or not?

Screengrab via YouTube.com/IShowSpeed

Controversial YouTube streamer and content creator IShowSpeed claims to have been banned despite his channel still remaining active.

In an ominous Instagram story, IShowSpeed posted an image with only the text ‘I’m banned guys goodbye’ visible. The content creator did not specify what platform he allegedly received a ban on, but his YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter pages still appear to be active.

Given the streamer’s immense following and tendency to resort to shock value-styled content, it is likely that IShowSpeed has not been banned at all. Jake Lucky reported that the streamer had been given a community strike and the video in which he played an adult Minecraft has been removed.

IShowSpeed has engaged in a wide array of polarizing behaviors on stream over the past months. From ranting in VALORANT games, setting off fireworks in his own room, and yelling directly into his dog’s ear, IShowSpeed has become a notorious figure in the streaming community.

His erratic and unpredictable demeanor has drawn the attention of countless viewers, though. The creator’s YouTube channel has amassed 9.97 million subscribers, with each video eclipsing well over 1 million views.

Screengrab via Instagram/IShowSpeed

Whether IShowSpeed is lying about his ban or misinterpreted his recent community strike as a ban is unclear, but his fans will be eagerly awaiting an update from the livestreamer.