How to opt-out of “Boost this stream” on Twitch

Don't want to be boosted?

Image via Twitch

Twitch announced this week it is expanding the experimentation of a new type of Community Challenge geared toward giving streamers more exposure on the platform.

The challenge comes available to streamers via their Creator Dashboard, and once activated, viewers can contribute money to give the channel more visibility on the platform, like getting it in suggested stream sections on the front page.

While this might be the type of experiment that many streamers will want to partake in, it might not be for everyone, and Twitch has created a way for content creators to opt-out of the challenge. 

You can find options for opting out of the Boost this stream Community Challenge in the Promotions portion of your Partner or Affiliate settings.  To get there, go to your Creator Dashboard and click the Settings drop-down menu. You should see Partner or Affiliate toward the bottom of the options in the drop-down.

If you are not a Partner or Affiliate, you don’t need to opt-out because you are not eligible for the community challenge. Similarly, if you would like to disable the Boost this streaming event after it has already started, you can go through the same process. On the Promotion page, you should see an option to “End Boost.”