How to host a stream on Twitch

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Image via Twitch

If you’re about to sign off for the night after a long day of streaming or have been idle for a while and have a large audience on Twitch, consider assisting another streamer to boost their numbers when you’re not online.

To do this, you can use a feature on Twitch known as hosting, which will feature the streamer on your channel and allow your chat to interact with each other while watching.

To host a stream on Twitch, you first need to be on your own channel in your chat. You can then type “/host” and put the channel name of the stream you want to host on your channel. This will automatically start playing the hosted stream to your viewers.

You can use this command up to three times in a 30-minute period. You can also stop hosting a Twitch channel by tying “#unhost” in your chat.

You can also set up a series of streamers in your preferences to host automatically (auto-host) when you are not streaming, in case you want to give your viewers someone else to watch. You can set this list as random, or to prioritize one person over another.

The same setting also works on mobile and other apps and devices other than PC.