How many times has Dream won the Minecraft Championship (MCC)

There are only a few players to reach these heights.

Screengrab via Noxcrew

With Minecraft Championships (MCC) 16 in the books, there are now two different competitors who have managed to win the event four different times: Dream and HBomb94. 

HBomb94 was the first to reach that milestone, having won his fourth with the Aqua Axolotls in MCC 14

Dream is now the second player to reach the milestone after winning back-to-back competitions. He helped lead the Red Rabbits to a strong win in MCC 15, before following it up with a Pink Parrots comeback victory in MCC 16

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Both players are now in contention for an exclusive medal that Noxcrew, the team behind MCC, created for players who “simply can’t stop winning.” This will be awarded to the first player to reach the coveted milestone of five wins. 

Dream and HBomb94 are currently in the lead, but Smajor, PeteZahHutt, and Michaelmcchill have claimed three victories too. And, since the teams mostly shuffle between each month’s event, it is equally likely that both point leaders will end up sitting at that four-win mark for a little bit, potentially letting someone else sneak into the competition. 

Teams and additional details for MCC 17 will be shared in the coming weeks, which could lead to a final clash between Dream and HBomb94 to see who can get that final title.