Noxcrew to award custom medal to Minecraft Championships (MCC) players who get 5 wins

Five is the magic number.

Screengrab via Noxcrew

The 16th edition of the Minecraft Championships (MCC) is just around the corner, scheduled to go live on Aug. 28. And today, Noxcrew revealed a little extra incentive for those who “simply can’t stop winning.”

Players who get their fifth MCC win will be awarded a special medal created by Noxcrew. The medal features a cool Minecraft character and has “Five MCC Wins” written below it with a total of six stars surrounding the text. Considering the medal is a reward for five wins, the inclusion of six stars seems odd at first, but it may have been somewhat difficult to put five stars in a nice-looking formation.

Though teams are shuffled in each MCC and new content creators join the fray, some consistent names have been able to prove their Minecraft skills more than others, despite participating with different teammates at each event. As of now, HBomb94 has four wins to his name while SmajorPeteZahHuttMichaelmcchill, and Dream have claimed three victories.

The participants who reach five wins would likely receive this reward via mail since the event is held online, but there could also be a small ceremony when someone hits the mark. While the pressure will obviously be on all the competitors, if HBomb94 fails to earn the crown during the next MCC, fans might get to watch an epic MCC down the road where two or more players fight for this five-win medal.

If you’re wondering how the players were divided up for this MCC, you can check out this list of all the teams. Once the event kicks off, the best way to spectate it will be through the main stream, which will give you a bird’s eye view of the whole event. But it’s strongly recommended to tune into each participant’s own streams toward the later stages to capture the hype of the competition.