Who Won Minecraft Championships (MCC) 16: Results, Final Standings, Scores

Who will take the crown?

The 16th installment of the Minecraft Championships (MCC) brought together a group of famous streamers and content creators for a chance at the championship title. There are no cash prizes or big trophies: only bragging rights are on the line.

Over the course of two hours, players engaged in eight rounds of various games, all decided by chance and those taking part, alongside their fans. Ten teams of four needed to rely on all their knowledge of the game and skills for a chance at scoring points. After eight rounds of play, the two teams with the most points faced off against each other in one final game, Dodgevolt, to determine the winner.

Here are the standings of the entire tournament, as well as a breakdown for each game.

MCC 16 Standings

Winner: Pink Parrots

  • Dream
  • F1nn5ter
  • BadBoyHalo
  • Seapeekay

Results by Round

Round 1: Grid Runners (New Game)

Lime Llamas

Round 2: Sky Battle

Winner: Lime Llamas

Round 3: Parkour Tag

Winner: Cyan Creepers


Winner: Pink Parrots

Round 5: Survival Games

Winner: Purple Pandas

Round 6: Ace Race

Winner: Pink Parrots

Round 7: Build Mart

Winner: Purple Pandas

Round 8: Sands of Time

Winner: Yellow Yaks


Winner: Pink parrots

Purple Pandas 1 – 3 Pink Parrots

With MCC 16 out of the way, all eyes will now be on the participants of MCC 17 and on the upcoming MCC Island, the public world where anyone can take part in their own MCC.