Dream to raise money for cancer research at Minecraft Championships (MCC) 16 following Technoblade’s diagnosis

The community is rallying behind Technoblade.

Screengrab via Noxcrew

Following fellow Minecraft streamer and content creator Technoblade’s announcement that he has recently been diagnosed with cancer, Dream has decided to turn his team’s Minecraft Championship (MCC) 16 run into a charity drive. 

During the event, which is scheduled to begin at 2pm CT on Aug. 28, for every coin Dream’s team earns, he will donate $1 to cancer research, with further details still to come. 

Coins are the main point system used in MCC events, with teams earning them based on their performance in each minigame. The two teams with the most coins at the end of the eight games will face off in Dodgebolt to decide the MCC Champion. 

In MCC 16, Dream will be competing alongside F1nn5ter, BadBoyHalo, and Seapeekay on the Pink Parrots. He was part of the MCC 15 winning Red Rabbits last month, which finished with a total of 22,740 coins. During last month’s MCC, the 10th-place team, Lime Llamas, earned a total of 9,648 coins. So even if Dream’s team places last, he will still be donating thousands of dollars to charity. 

Other creators, like awesamdude, have already pledged to match at least some of the donations, and it is very likely Noxcrew and more streamers will get behind the movement ahead of or directly after the event since it shines such a big light on the Minecraft community.